Sales, planning and accounting are just some of the many needs that every company needs to keep track of within its ERP system. Contrary to what many believe, any company, regardless of its size, should use this system. That's why SAP Business One for small businesses is a great choice.

The tool includes several important solutions for a business. It is with the data present in the system that it will be possible to have visibility on the concrete results that are being achieved. But to make the most of its functionalities and optimize processes, an important step needs to be taken: putting SAP in the cloud.

The migration of ERPs to the cloud can even raise a little doubt at first, due to its complexity and the high level of information it carries about a business. But with the right solution, this process will bring great results, such as reduced operating costs and increased performance.

But another common mistake is believing that only large companies can afford to make that choice and migrate SAP in the cloud. But the truth is, no, since cloud computing for small and medium-sized companies is one of the most used paths, precisely to seek the evolution of the business as a whole.

Want to understand more about how the cloud can be the great solution for SAP Business One for small and medium-sized companies? Then read our complete content till the end to find out the details.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP is one of the leading global companies, which today serves more than 350,000 customers in 180 different countries. That's proof of how relevant their solutions are around the world. It's easy to see how quickly SAP is growing, increasing its number of licensed customers and implementing high-performance enterprise systems in all different sectors of the market.

And SAP Business One, which is an ERP system, consists of several core modules based on different business functions of each company. Each of the modules corresponds to one of several existing areas. With this solution, you can run the business process across many different departments, but all in an integrated manner.

Why use SAP Business One for small and medium-sized businesses?

Even a small company needs to have well-structured sectors. Each area is responsible for a certain part of the operation of that business.

Now imagine having all these areas disconnected from each other? Thus, it would be practically impossible to identify information and patterns that only the relationship between one piece of data and another can provide. What we mean by this is that the absence of SAP hinders the company's greater ability to improve its results.

That's why using SAP Business One for small and medium-sized businesses is an essential step. But beyond that, you need to know all the advantages that will arise when choosing to migrate to the cloud.

What are the benefits of migrating SAP Business One to the cloud for small and medium-sized companies?

To make the importance of using SAP Business One for small businesses even clearer, it is important to know what are all the advantages and benefits that migrating to the cloud can bring to your business. See a list of benefits:

  • Immediate migration without technical challenges;

  • Mobile access;

  • Automated backups;

  • High performance;

  • Internal license to use Microsoft SQL and Windows;

  • Payment per user.

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SAP in the cloud is ideal for value-added partners

To facilitate the implementation of SAP systems, there are VAR certified partners, an acronym for Value Added Reseller, that is, partners who not only work with sales but also offer services and implement solutions in all sectors that serve customers.

This means that anyone who has a global agreement to be an SAP value-added reseller needs to know that migrating to the cloud is the ideal path. Introducing these benefits will already make all the difference in the acquisition of ERP.

Solution to quickly migrate SAP Business One

After knowing all these benefits and why migrating SAP Business One for small companies to the cloud is the ideal path, you need to know a tool that facilitates this process. The fact is that this process of migrating everything from SAP to the cloud can be a challenge.

The migration of SAP Business One to the Cloud without the help of the necessary automation tools may not go as planned, creating technical challenges for both the implementation teams, as well as for SAP partners and IT teams responsible for the software, users and solutions integrated to the Cloud. ERP.

As an ideal solution, you can choose Auto.Sky Business One . This is a solution designed especially for SAP and deployment partners looking for a complete cloud infrastructure.

With the support of this intelligence system, your team gains time to focus on their core functions, leaving all the complexity of the cloud to Sky.One .

If you realized that you need to put SAP Business One for small and medium enterprises in the cloud as soon as possible, then don't waste any more time and contact our team to know all the information about Auto.Sky Business One.

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