Currently, many companies have migrated their applications to the cloud, as the innovative cloud computing technology has become one of the strongest trends worldwide in recent years due to the great benefits it offers, such as:

  • More database security;
  • Significant cost reduction;
  • Sustainability;
  • Profitability;
  • Remote access;
  • Optimization of the IT team;
  • Among many others.

But many users still question whether the fact that the data remains stored on online servers does not open up risk, so in today's post we will address one of the solutions that Amazon has created to guarantee the security of its applications integrated in the cloud. Keep reading to check it out!

What is Amazon Inspector?

Amazon Inspector is an automated service whose function is to increase the level of security and optimize the services and deployments deployed on Amazon servers.

How does Amazon Inspector work?

Amazon Inspector performs automatic assessments looking for flaws, vulnerabilities or any inconsistency that may affect the security of applications integrated with Amazon. After scanning, Amazon Inspector will issue a sort of report with all relevant and security-related features found in your search, listing them by level of seriousness.

What are the main benefits of Amazon Inspector?

In addition to offering an intuitive user experience even for users with an intermediate level of experience, Amazon has also provided a guide to optimize the experience of Amazon Inspector, allowing the best use of all its features. Its main advantages are:

  • Application of security standards

The service allows the user to define what are the best practices and security standards according to the profile of their applications, so that the security of their applications can be improved before the application needs to present defects or security flaws that compromise your performance.

  • More development agility

Significantly reduces the incidence of security issues during the application development and deployment phase, due to its automatic assessment that identifies risks, failures and vulnerabilities. Which allows the user to develop their applications with much more agility and speed.

  • Security Integration in DevOps

Agent-based, API-driven, and delivered as a service, Amazon Inspector makes it easy to build within the DevOps process, which will automate vulnerability checks so the development team can integrate security assessments as part of the system. during the full deployment process.

  • Identifying application security issues

One of the main functions of Amazon Inspector is the ability to identify problems, flaws, inconsistencies and security vulnerabilities in applications before they are deployed and during the development process, which will help to optimize the overall security of your applications on Amazon .

  • Shares the same security department as Amazon Web Services

Amazon Inspector has the same security department that assesses the AWS environment, updating your system and optimizing your security.

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