Seven tips to optimize the costs of the cloud AWS

The good result of an investment in the cloud is basically reflected in two main aspects: in the increase in performance in the company's operations and in the return on investment, which validates the project and guarantees the continuity of new initiatives, allowing cost optimization thanks to punta technology.

Cloud computing continues to grow and Amazon Web Services expands its investments by offering technology and competitive prices to attract more companies. However, the search for cost optimization is not Amazon's responsibility. It is necessary to invest in tools that help to improve continuously.

Cost optimization starts in the cloud

In a continuous improvement process in cloud migration projects, the analysis of the results of the infrastructure, which is defined in the planning phase, is constant. It is necessary to verify that the architecture designed, in terms of the use of technology assets and services, is in line with what has been planned and delivers positive results.

However, it is always possible to improve, as in the case of Amazon, and introduce new technologies and resources into the service platform to optimize the infrastructure of customers and Amazon.

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A good example of this search for cost optimization by Amazon is the offer of AWS Spot instances. It is about making the capacity of the computer available during periods of low demand, with large discounts in relation to the price of EC2 instances during high demand

The AWS Spot EC2 allows optimizing the costs in the AWS cloud according to the conditions created by Amazon to offer these instances.

Other tips for cost optimization

In addition to AWS Spot instances, other initiatives can be used to optimize costs.

  • Constantly analyze the optimization of your infrastructure, there is always something to improve
  • Analyze your surroundings in search of botella cuellos or low income
  • Look for a simplified management
  • Develop and apply the best market practices
  • Monitor costs related to infrastructure and pricing
  • Save without compromising the performance of your infrastructure on the cloud
  • Invest in tools that help optimize costs

Cost optimization is also a priority for Amazon members

As an Amazon partner, Sky.One also seeks to offer its customers options to optimize costs. Our objective is to improve the use of the AWS cloud more and more.

A good example of this intention is the Sky.Saver tool. This tool has been created to use artificial intelligence in the management of the infrastructure, which allows combining the benefits of EC2 instances with the price of AWS Spot. It is a combination of simplified management and cost optimization with Spot prices.

The advantage of this type of tool is that everyone wants it. AWS optimizes idle infrastructure and Sky.One customers optimize your costs.

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