According to a recent survey by Brother International, an office equipment supplier, many companies are taking an interest in adopting technologies that make their workforce more 'mobile' . That is, allowing your employees to share files and resources more easily, from any device, at any time and place.

Of the 509 managers and owners interviewed, 21% intend to spend most of their IT budget on technological solutions that enable synchronizing and sharing files in the cloud. Already 28% want to invest in mobile devices that support remote employees in their activities. If you are also thinking about implementing cloud computing in your company, then be sure to check out this post.

Next, we'll give you some tips that will certainly help you simplify the adoption of cloud computing in your business. Check out what they are:

1. Understand what cloud computing can do for your company

Many managers decide to implement the cloud without even understanding how it can help their business. And this ends up making the adoption process very complicated. Hence the importance of you understanding what the cloud can do for your company. This technology can help you, for example, to give your team greater mobility power, or increase the security of your data with constant backups.

2. Check your business needs

For your company to get the most value possible from the cloud, you need to know your needs and see where this technology can be implemented. Your business may, for example, not need the cloud storage power so much, but need collaboration tools based on this technology. So most of your IT budget should go towards these tools.

3. Choose the most suitable solution

After gathering enough information and seeing how it can help your company, it's time for you to decide which modality is most suitable for your company: public, hybrid or private cloud. They need to be carefully evaluated, so that the chosen modality can meet all the needs of your business.

4. Request support from the contracted vendor

The contracted cloud computing provider must provide your company with adequate support that can help you understand all the particularities of this technology. The supplier will be able to support you, for example, in choosing the most suitable cloud modality for your business and in the migration of your corporate data and systems, so that the whole process is carried out in a simple way and with total security.

5. Explore the flexible power of the cloud

The cloud allows your company to start with a small computing capacity, and increase it as your business grows or needs. By hiring a little computing power, you will end up making the implementation process simpler. In addition, you'll give your employees a chance to get used to the basic structure of the cloud, before its wide-scale adoption.

6. Count on the support of your employees

The adoption of cloud computing is an endeavor that will positively impact not only your business, but also your team's daily lives. Therefore, it is important that you promote training to explain to all employees how the cloud will change the way they work and also how it will benefit them. This will make them support the adoption of the cloud, which will undoubtedly increase the chances of success in this endeavor.

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