It is already common knowledge that cloud computing represents cost savings and is a strategic solution for companies of all sizes. Now that this solution already presents even higher levels of security in its operations than other methods (on-premise, for example), gaining the trust of managers, another problem for IT managers arises: finding professionals capable of preparing, commanding and implement the cloud computing needs of enterprises.

If hiring IT professionals is already difficult, imagine finding qualified and experienced IT professionals who specialize in a trend that emerged just a few years ago. The good news is that this type of professional already exists in the market, being able to develop storage solutions and hardware and software development focused on this information management model.

Cloud computing: challenges for HR and managers

The human resources department should look for employees with an IT background who are knowledgeable about the different cloud computing models (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS), implementation models (private, public or hybrid cloud) in addition to being aware of data and use of mobile devices. The cloud computing specialist's critical areas of expertise are: datacenter management, security and software architecture.

As an ideal operating method for each type of company has not yet been stipulated, the individuality of each corporation must be respected. The ideal professional for this is the cloud computing specialist, who has the ability to analyze the demand for information management and adapt services according to the company's needs and financial resources.

It is worth remembering that this is really important because the needs vary in a matter of months, and an oversight in the project can put an end to the advantages that took months to be obtained with the correct use of cloud computing. In this way, the maintenance of the project is as fundamental as its elaboration.

Cloud Computing, outsourcing and solutions for companies

Often the company cannot afford to hire one of these specialized and experienced professionals on a permanent basis. To work around this problem, it is common practice to outsource this solution, starting with the IT manager which critical service should be addressed. Examples of areas of expertise for the cloud computing specialist are:

  • Supply and management;
  • Monitoring and protection;
  • Service management;
  • Virtualization;
  • Automation;
  • Security and compliance;
  • Performance optimization.

The professional specialist in cloud computing can address problems in these areas satisfactorily with the needs of the company in focus.

Even with the difficulty of obtaining specialized professionals directly, companies of all sizes that need cloud solutions are migrating their applications to the cloud. Sky.One Sky.One expert on the subject and is an AWS strategic partner for cloud solutions.

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