Although Cloud Computing is already a well-established technology that undergoes constant advances and improvements, many myths still exist around it. Some myths arise because of wrong information and impressions, while others are simply the result of general lack of information on the subject. you believe these incorrect claims, Sky.One will clear up the top five Cloud myths .

1. Is the only advantage the economy?

Many companies still believe that the only advantage, the only good reason to adopt the cloud is the financial savings. Perhaps this myth was created by the providers of this service, involuntarily. After all, the easiest way to make a sale or close a contract is by pointing out the financial benefits. However, it is necessary to open the minds of companies and make them aware that there are several other reasons to adopt it. The advantages – direct and indirect – are much broader . We have a post explaining in more detail the advantages of the cloud for SMEs .

2. Everything is Cloud

A common myth, which may have been encouraged by the notion that “Cloud” is synonymous with “technologically advanced”. However, not everything is Cloud . Sometimes we even see websites classified as “cloud”, when they are really just websites. Thus, it is necessary to clarify IT concepts better, so that users do not make strange mistakes. Let's remember that there are other terms that, depending on the situation, are more appropriate: automation or virtualization, for example. In this other post , we will introduce the concept of virtualization.

3. Strategies come in “one size fits all”

Implementation and use of the cloud must be built around a strategy that benefits the business . Yet for some reason every company is adopting it in basically the same way. Does this mean that all strategies are identical? It's not possible. So, two alternatives remain: either there is no strategy in the first place, or companies are not properly aware that Cloud Computing services can be adapted for different purposes and objectives.

4. The stakes are higher

This is, without a doubt, the biggest myth about Cloud Computing. The reason why many companies feel a certain resistance in adopting it. It is believed that data stored in the cloud is at greater risk of leakage or that applications based on this technology are more likely to be hacked. However, the security measures applied by data centers are extremely rigorous , and several experts have already confirmed that the risk level of the cloud is basically the same as that of a local physical server. In some cases, even smaller. We wrote an article about why using the cloud is safer for your business , and you should read it.

5. It's hard to manage

As it is a new topic, many companies think that cloud computing is an overly complex topic, but our experience says exactly the opposite. Today we have hundreds of customers using their ERPs on AWS without problems. Many of the IT area's operational difficulties are eliminated when we migrate to the cloud: software upgrades, datacenter management, server maintenance, all of this ceases to exist.

Furthermore, with proper configuration, redundancy and backup are an integral part of the solution. Your peace of mind is complete, knowing that your customers and users will always be connected.

If you want to understand more about Cloud Computing and dispel other myths about the subject, follow the other articles on Sky.One blog . Or contact our team directly, and we will clarify all your doubts.

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