In the current scenario driven by the pandemic, in which companies face strong cultural transformations, people development is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges for managing a leader. Regardless of the branch of the company, the areas of culture and people are extremely necessary to achieve the desired success. In this context, mastering the main leadership strategies is essential for companies that aim to stand out in the market. To encourage discussion and expand information on the topic, the second edition of Sky.One Connect brings the market's leading experts to unveil the most relevant information about management, leadership, culture, disruptiveness and, of course, technology.

This year, in addition to the main track, the event has two other tracks : “People and Culture” and “Technology and Security”. But what is the real impact of leadership in people management for companies today?

With the arrival of the pandemic, most companies suffered impacts on their development. In most of them with a drastic change in organizational culture and adaptation to new work models. The home office, for example, has become a reality and has never been so present in the daily lives of organizations. Technology, of course, makes this new format possible. However, the leader assumes an even more crucial role in this context: guaranteeing a culture of performance, in an environment that is inclusive, diverse and, above all, that offers the necessary flexibility for each employee.

Therefore, understanding the best behaviors and how companies can help employees at this time is one of the challenges faced by organizations that did not previously have this process defined and that needed to adapt to the “new normal”. In this way, more than ever, corporate culture needs updates. After all, it is she who defines the guidelines for the success of each company, based on the mission, vision and values ​​of each business.  

At this time of transformation in society as a whole, it is unlikely that companies will be able to achieve the desired productivity without planning innovative ways to adapt the corporate culture to the company's wishes, engaging its leaders and employees. Based on this vision, the People and Culture trail intends to support the main leaders of the technological market in this new cycle of transformation.

What to expect from the Sky.One Connect People & Culture trail?

Track People & Culture was fully planned to offer excellent content, with a team of keynotes and solid careers, which will bring important insights , mainly on how to transform the challenging scenario we face into opportunities for the development of companies.

In this way, the topics that will be addressed in the trail of the event include, above all, ways to foster innovation by developing an innovative culture, ways to implement a high-performance culture without creating a toxic environment, as well as the role of organizational culture as a a success factor for the business.

To put all this into practice, the Keynotes of the People and Culture track is formed by the CEO & Founder of Mastersoul, Paulo Alvarenga, by the leader of the Human Resources area at IBM Brazil, Christiane Berlinck, by the Google Clound Egineer at Google Brazil, Marlon Kotai, and by the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Grupo Cia de Talentos/, Sofia Esteves. The event will be sponsored by major companies such as Oracle, Google Cloud and Huawei.

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