The 2023 edition was the 5th edition of the largest software and management event in Latin America, the ERP Summit, and a milestone for Sky.One for its 5th consecutive participation. Almost half of Sky.One 's trajectory in the market! And, to celebrate, our CEO, Ricardo Brandão, and our CRO, Roberto Arruda, received a tribute from Luciano Itamar, on behalf of the Portal ERP team, in recognition of this achievement.

Ricardo Brandão on the left, Luciano Itamar in the middle and Roberto Arruda on the right

Each year, Sky.One 's participation in the event expands and reinforces the opportunity to connect with customers, in addition to sharing knowledge on topics relevant to business management, always bringing more information and news about the market to the event.

Lectures and disruption at the ERP Summit

During the 2 days of the event, Sky.One gave 4 lectures in total, with the central theme “ Business in a time of Disruption ” and presentations on efficiency in business management, including customer experience, risk mitigation and hidden risks of data centers . The goal was to provide the ecosystem with a complete content trail on the application of technology at various points in the business. The speakers are company managers with deep knowledge of the themes, bringing even more possibilities for discussion and adding learning to the spectators.

The company always emphasizes that for processes to work in favor of business, data must be integrated, secure and accessible to generate quality information, which in turn generate knowledge and strategic direction. It is this direction that allows companies to find their competitive edge and grow sustainably.

Roberto Arruda performing at the ERP Summit

Sky.One 's participation in the ERP Summit 2023 reinforces its relevance in the technology and software market, its positioning as a partner of companies, software manufacturers, which already number more than 350, and its expertise and look to the future of the companies it brings together. much to the market, either in trends or in services. In addition, its participation in the event also showed its commitment to sharing knowledge with all audiences and contributing to the development of clients and the business community in general.

Being at the ERP Summit is fundamental for the company's growth, strengthening our brand, exchanging knowledge and doing a lot of networking in the area of ​​technology and software , a sector with constant news. We hope to continue participating in the event, strengthening partnerships and contributing to the development of the sector. Says Ricardo Brandão.

According to the organization of the ERP Summit, Portal ERP, the 2023 edition had more than 60 lectures and more than 4,000 participants.

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