By: Ricardo Brandao

What happens when people in an organization fall in love with entrepreneurship?

They celebrate together winning the Great Place to Work certificate!


GPTW is a global authority on the world of work, specializing in transforming organizations into a Great Place to Work . By valuing talent within the company and helping it to bring out the best in employees, it becomes much easier to achieve exceptional and, above all, sustainable results.

In addition to evaluating numerous work environments around the world, the GPTW also contributes to making them better, whether in terms of quality of life or productivity.

This year, the process to certify organizations that present a good working environment was carried out through a Trust Index (or “trust index ”, in Portuguese).

This is a survey carried out with employees, which takes into account five elements: credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and camaraderie. Everything from the point of view of those who work here at Sky.One .

The result showed that we put into practice the values ​​we defend: doing more with less, having a passion for the business, offering quality customer service, promoting professional and personal incentives. Not to mention overcoming obstacles with creativity, maintaining high performance during all stages.

According to the institution, the change aims to “build a better society, transforming each organization into a Great Place to Work!”

Issuing the certification is complex and demands a lot from all the company's teams, both in the present and in the future.

Reflecting on mistakes and working to correct them is also part of celebrating our successes.

Therefore, one of the main pillars of Sky.One 's collaborative culture is the passion for the business. For us, this exercise of listening to others with empathy, exchanging knowledge and experiences, was the key to helping us achieve this highly regarded certification.

This victory demonstrates our greatest certainty: a vibrant work environment is capable of stimulating a collaborative culture, capable of achieving all results — and with excellence!

Being a #SkyOner is sharing these values ​​with all our audiences: a privilege and a pleasure for us.

Having a passion for the business is more than just loving your job. It's loving who you work with, how you work and, mainly, the results of that work.


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Sky.One Team

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