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– Platform allows connecting all of Presence's retail solutions with Sky.One 's cloud options, integrating retail companies' e-commerce to Presence's ERP through the technology and scalability provided by Sky.One

– With more than 2,500 franchise brands spread throughout Brazil, the objective is to grow Presence's current customer base by 100%, reaching more than 20% of the sector in the coming years, associated with the enormous dynamism of the sector and its rapid adaptation to the new reality of increasing sales through the e-commerce sales channel.

Thinking about the high demand in the retail market on dates such as Customer Month and Black Friday, Sky.One , a company specializing in the development of platforms that automate and facilitate the use of cloud computing, and Presence , a renowned ERP supplier for retail, they already had a partnership in offering migration to the cloud and now they are getting together again to offer a pioneering solution to the segment.

Sky.One 's cloud options , integrating the e-commerce of retail companies to Presence's ERP through the technology and scalability that Sky.One provides via its product, Integra.Sky . Showing a strong recovery compared to the most critical moments of the pandemic, the retail sector has been showing a positive balance between opening and closing units. With more than 2,500 franchise brands spread throughout Brazil, the objective is to grow 100% of Presence's current customer base, reaching more than 20% of the sector in the coming years, associated with the enormous dynamism of the sector and its rapid adaptation to the new reality of growing sales through the e-commerce sales channel.

According to the CEO of Presence, Paulo Palmerio, the pandemic brought about a change in consumer behavior, which began to consume more products via e-commerce. However, the omnichannel trend was also established, as this audience started to shop online and pick them up at the store.  

According to Palmerio, for this process to work, it is necessary to keep stock information updated in real time. “Especially on dates when sales tend to take off, servers need to be scalable to support high demand. In this way, we created a solution in which access to the system can be done through the cloud, guaranteed by the scalability provided by Sky.One ”, he explains. Palmerio also reinforces that the concept of multicloud in the retail language allows offering customers speed, quality of information and even promptness at the retail end.  

Agility and security in retail with systems integration

The iPaaS solution created by Sky.One , Integra.Sky , manages all integrations through a single, simple and secure connector. The technology serves three pillars for the operation: compliance with the LGPD, permission to audit all requests, and also ease of maintenance.  

Sky.One 's CPO , Caio Klein, explains that it will now be possible to connect Presence's “service machine” with several platforms through Integra.Sky . “Each store has its own retail environment running the software, and this environment communicates with Sky.One . In this way, this ecosystem allows us to connect the digital, that is, our Sky.One with the store environment. Thus, it is possible to maintain management compliance as a whole, and still manage retail by uniting digital and physical. In addition, the partnership between the companies will allow complete integration between the logistics, e-commerce and financial area of ​​retailers with points of sale hosted in the cloud”, he clarifies.

Klein reveals that the solution is extremely safe, simple and complete for this market. In addition, Sky.One has mechanisms for service channels that are fully prepared to meet high demands. “We work with an extremely technical support team and bring together the best of retail with the best of technology. They are two companies effectively concerned with the quality of service, and that is what the current retail market lacks”, he says.

About Sky.One

We are a technology company that offers the software market several platforms of services that transform its management systems, from the evolution to the cloud to the expansion of services, creating, more and more, innovative experiences that increase the value of your system and your customer's experience. 

Founded by Brazilian entrepreneurs in 2014, today, there are more than a thousand customers in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and the United States, including names such as Hirota Supermercados, Philips do Brasil, Fundação Abrinq, among others. In addition to accumulating awards and seals such as: Top Startups LinkedIn, GPTW, leadership in three quadrants in the ISG Provider Lens™, innovation awards and Advanced AWS seal.

About Presence 

In the market for almost 30 years, Presence stands out among the most competent retail ERP suppliers for the superior quality of its complete and integrated system, updated in accordance with Brazilian legislation.

Presence's ERP was developed to meet the demands of retail, in its different segments. Today it serves more than 1000 customers and thousands of points of sale.  

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