By: Ricardo Brandao 

When we created Sky.One Cloud Solutions – myself and longtime friends Caio Klein, Rennan Sanchez and Rodrigo Burjato – almost five years ago, we worked in a tight coworking space, bumping elbows against each other.

Until, in 2014, with the help of Amazon Web Service (AWS) , our first client appeared. The feedback was so positive, we knew we were on the right track.

We started to grow quickly and the office became small. We changed, but with the conviction that success was allied to a relaxed work environment, based on collaborative effort, exchange of experiences and disruptive ideas.

Smart Cloud, Efficient Cloud: Our Cloud Migration Services

Before the emergence of Auto.Sky in 2014, our first platform, migrating applications to the cloud quickly and without risk was a challenge for many companies. Thanks to Sky.One Cloud Solutions , a project that took months is now done in just a few hours.

Along the way, we realized that some customers who arrived at Sky.One Cloud Solutions still didn't know if it was worth going to the cloud, much less how or when to do it. With that in mind, we created Guru.Sky , a consultancy with specialists to map, structure and implement a backup mechanism in the cloud. It is a completely personalized service tailored to the needs of the business, including a disaster recovery plan to protect your operations from natural phenomena.

Despite the high availability, scalability and efficiency of Sky.One Cloud Solutions , we knew that companies were still under internal pressure to reduce their costs.

To resolve this issue without sacrificing the quality or security of the infrastructure, Sky.Saver . We use artificial intelligence in infrastructure management, promoting all the benefits of EC2 at the price of Spot. This represents savings of up to 80% on infrastructure spending on AWS!

Sky.One Cloud Solutions collaborative culture was instrumental in thinking, developing and delivering the innovative solutions we have available today. Without the dedication of #SkyOners, none of this would be possible.

The achievements of Sky.One Cloud Solutions

At Sky.One Cloud Solutions , the relentless pursuit of innovation is one of our pillars. Such dedication has yielded many fruits, such as the AWS Advanced Technology Partner and the AWS Innovation Partner Award in 2014.

So many highlights attracted attention to us and, four years after the start of our operations, Invest Tech decided to help us go even higher and granted us a contribution of 22.5 million ! With this resource in hand, we were able to consolidate ourselves in the Brazilian market and accelerate our internationalization process in the United States and Latin America.

In this process, our team grew once again and we moved our headquarters in São Paulo, previously located in the Morumbi neighborhood, to Berrini in 2018. And to celebrate this achievement, with the help of Google Street View, we provide you with a virtual in our office.

It's a great opportunity to have a 360º view of our collaborative space, full of disruptive ideas and talented people.

In the same year, Sky.One Cloud Solutions received the Great Place to Work (GPTW) , which certifies companies (worldwide!) that present excellence in their work environment. To obtain such certification, a survey is carried out among employees, evaluating elements such as credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and camaraderie in the company.

Obtaining it is a difficult and complex process, but thanks to our collaborative culture and passion for the business, we were able to celebrate yet another achievement with #SkyOners!

And you think it stopped there? Later this year, Sky.One Cloud Solutions entered the most desired LinkedIn Startups The ranking evaluates companies that are growing at a fast pace, taking into account criteria such as: increase in the number of employees, candidates interested in working at Sky.One Cloud Solutions , customer engagement with our team and the level of attraction of young talent.

More than the joy of being among the top 10 companies on the Top 25 Startups LinkedIn , I am very happy to have our effort recognized, to know that we really made and will continue to make a difference.

The Sky.One Cloud Solutions flight plan

The relentless pursuit of innovation at Sky.One Cloud Solutions has made us an authority in cloud computing and a benchmark for other companies in the market. The ability to understand the needs of each type of business and offer efficient solutions generated growth of more than 300% per year. But we are just getting started! We want to continue our expansion in the United States, Latin America, Europe and soon in the rest of the world.

If you want to talk to me about partnerships or inquire about our products and services, just send an email to .

And if you are one of the thousands of Brazilians who want to be part of this talented, dynamic and diverse team , click here to find out how.

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