BatchMaster a pioneer in the development of ERP solutions for industries that manufacture products based on formulas or recipes, such as food, paints, cosmetics, medicines, supplements and coatings. With its solutions, manufacturers are able to reduce costs, scale their production, meet customer demands and strict regulatory standards, and streamline the development of new products.

It has been operating in the market for over 30 years and has already helped over 2,000 companies to overcome challenges and stand out in the area in which they operate. Not long ago, BatchMaster faced a major challenge: migrating a customer's mission-critical ERP system to the cloud very quickly. And to overcome it, BatchMaster had the support of Sky.One , which has a team that specializes in migrating ERPs to the cloud.

Challenge: Migrating an ERP system to the cloud quickly

The deadline that BatchMaster had to migrate its client's ERP system to cloud computing was very short. She had to accomplish this migration in hours, not days. Otherwise, the customer would be without their software and all their operations would come to a standstill. In addition to being concerned about the deadline, the company still needed to pay attention to the effectiveness of the migration, since mistakes would jeopardize the success of the entire undertaking.

Solution: enlist the help of a specialized company

To overcome this challenge, BatchMaster had to rely on the support of Sky.One . The establishment of the partnership between them happened very quickly. On a Friday, managers and professionals from both companies discussed the details of the migration. A few hours later, BatchMaster was loading the ERP system's database onto a pre-configured infrastructure provided by Sky.One .

After the weekend, on Monday, the customer was already using the newly hosted system in the AWS cloud (Amazon Web Services). Throughout the ERP migration and activation processes, which took just 8 hours, the Sky.One support team guided the BatchMaster team to ensure the system was installed properly on the AWS platform.

Sky.One 's excellent support helped us deliver virtually immediately allowing us to focus on delivering the promised ERP functionality rather than spending time on the infrastructure.” – Richard Smith, Director of BatchMaster Software .

Result: migration done on time and without any glitches

With Sky.One 's support, BatchMaster was able to migrate their customer's mission-critical ERP on time without any glitches. The partnership ended up increasing its productivity, which, according to Smith, is much requested by customers. Migration at the right time also allowed the company to offer a better experience to its customers, who depend on the software to carry out their operations.

“We had immediate response (from Sky.One ) and great support. We look forward to doing it again!” – Richard Smith, Director of BatchMaster Software .

Due to the positive results, BatchMaster will continue to maintain its partnership with Sky.One . Thus, it will be able to meet the demands of its customers, who are increasingly demanding. This partnership between BatchMaster and Sky.One reflects a new way to respond quickly to demands, which is based on cloud computing and bypasses the obstacles imposed by physical IT infrastructures.

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