If you own a company or manage one, it is of fundamental importance to analyze which are the ideal solutions to automate processes, reduce costs and, above all, increase data and information security.

Having a secure and efficient data hosting structure is of utmost importance. However, installing servers and performing maintenance to keep data always safe is a complicated task and can generate a lot of expenses. Many companies choose to invest in local servers and pay high amounts for maintenance, backup, installations, among many other services.

Do you know how much it costs to create a hosting infrastructure in your own company? Below, we list tips that can help you identify the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and know how much it costs to create a complete infrastructure for your organization.


In addition to infrastructure expenses, it is necessary to invest in the server itself. The value may vary, however, it is necessary to value the quality of the company and the security of the data transferred. Therefore, it is wise to carefully analyze which server to buy to increase the quality of service you provide and avoid future problems.

monthly values

There are also recurring expenses for backing up files, analyzing data, monitoring hardware and managing the internal network, as well as adding and configuring new features to improve the company's performance.

IT professionals

It is necessary to pay qualified IT professionals to provide all the necessary support in case of system errors, server crashes and a series of other problems that may occur with your equipment.

data backup

It is essential to back up your company's data frequently to ensure that all important customer information and data are preserved with maximum security. A backup is also necessary in case of problems with crashes, server invasion and problems with corrupted files.

Is it really worth investing in a hosting infrastructure for your company? Nowadays, technology offers us several other solutions that are much more comfortable and that can be much safer, more practical and even more economical than the creation and maintenance of servers locally.

Cloud servers can be an essential solution for anyone who wants to achieve excellent results for their company, forget about the headaches caused by local hosting and reduce costs.

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