The internet has completely transformed the retail industry through e-commerce. A large part of the investments were no longer made in physical stores and the customers' opinions became decisive when making a purchase decision. In an effort to keep up with this new reality and meet consumer expectations, retailers began to invest in technology and cloud computing became a great ally.

To compete and survive, retailers are looking to use new technologies, data analytics and social media. These features are now used to identify individual customer preferences and behaviors and thus offer personalized shopping experiences.

Doing all this means managing huge amounts of data and requires storage capacity, functionalities that are part of solutions based on cloud computing , but the benefits to retail go far beyond that.

A paradigm shift in the retail industry

The retail sector is one of the examples that show how much change has become constant. Widely embracing cloud computing, technology investments have been revolutionizing business strategies for some time now.

The sales process has changed, the relationship with customers has been transformed and the shopping experience has undergone a major revolution. In this sense, adapting retail has become a challenge and technology has become a key part.

Mobile devices as the new place to shop

If e-commerce was already considered a transformation, mobile devices brought a new concept in the relationship between retail and consumer. Smartphones and tablets have become research, opinion and shopping tools. Retailers are now focusing their efforts on a mobile and seamless experience for their customers. In addition to investing in e-commerce solutions, you need to adapt to mobile.

Creation of new products adapted to the new customer profile

Data analysis through the study of customer profiles has become an instrument for the production of new products and for conducting the sales process. Collecting data through different sources, such as search engines and social networks, has transformed the definition of what will be produced.

Efficient business management

The transformation that took place in retail made efficiency in business management a constant goal. The use of software and integrated management solutions has made it possible, for example, to have a product inventory that determines the commercial strategy. Technology has once again assisted in providing business-appropriate solutions.

The retail industry in cloud computing

The retail industry has seen that cloud computing presents great benefits and has a huge impact on this new paradigm related to business and customer relations. It is necessary to transform all this potential into business.

Interacting with consumers becomes easier

In any type of business, customers will always be looking for companies that offer a differentiated shopping experience. With that in mind, those looking to invest in a new selling experience will be ahead of their competitors. The flexibility of cloud technology can be used to satisfy consumers and improve business processes. Furthermore, as with mobile, promoting a new form of purchase becomes possible and within reach of retailers in different sizes.

A new process in the supply chain

It is possible, with the use of the cloud, to improve the operational platform in a supply chain. With the help of technology services based on cloud computing, retailers now have their supply chain as a crucial area. Investing in a retail-oriented cloud collaboration platform becomes a huge benefit.

Product development becomes profitable

Low-cost solutions implemented with cloud technology allow retailers to reduce expenses. Investments in technology infrastructure are moderate and can be directed to areas more related to the business itself, such as the development of new products.

Cloud computing technology has been beneficial to most companies across different sectors and has recently gained traction in companies looking for sustainable growth, specifically the retail sector. Small and medium-sized businesses are seeing their growth associated with cloud technology, and it's only a matter of time before other industries follow suit.

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