Cloud computing technologies seem to have dominated the digital landscape for some years now. It was in 2008 that this type of service began to be commercialized, and since then access and management of information and software have changed to keep up with this new reality. Many speculate about the benefits of the cloud in an enterprise. Let's get to know a little more about the topic?

The public cloud follows the standards already offered by the online environment and concerns information that is saved in an existing cloud and shares space with other users. Today, with the quality of public cloud services, it is now possible to enjoy numerous services safely without necessarily using a private cloud.

private cloud

The private cloud is a data storage and use model offered by an on-demand IT team, with space dedicated to the user who has subscribed to the service, according to the specific needs of each business.

How do you know it's time to invest more in cloud computing?

Cloud computing is more than data storage, it is a system that is embedded in the company's structure, some questions to analyze if a specific area needs more investment in your company are:

  1. Can the flow of information be monitored correctly?
  2. Are data and files easily found?
  3. Have there ever been problems with the security of shared information using the cloud?
  4. Is it recurrent among employees the opinion that improvements, or changes in the use of the cloud, could happen?

With the answers to these questions, it becomes easier to understand the needs of your business.

The advantages of the public cloud

Resource savings and the evolution of services offered in the public cloud are two strengths of this service. It is common for companies to maintain servers to perform functions that would not require as much processing, and if these operations were transferred to a reliable server that supplied the operational needs, resources could be saved.

The paradigm of the lack of public cloud security is something that is being deconstructed, as large companies invest in information security, failures in this regard will be increasingly rare.


A great tip for those who have doubts about the cloud's potential is 's set of solutions with the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform, which combines ideal data storage and use services for your company. Some of its premises are:

  1. Quick access to flexible, low-cost IT resources;
  2. Reduce the overall cost of IT;
  3. You only pay for the resources you variably consume;
  4. Make applications global in moments.

Be in the cloud too

A survey carried out by the website “Statista” found that SaaS or Software as a Service revenue grew from 10.75 billion in 2010 to 27.94 billion in 2015, and is estimated to reach 32.8 billion in 2016.

This data proves that the cloud has a direct influence on business processes. With the constant evolution of this area, we will have more and more possibilities for any type of business, investing in cloud computing can be the missing element for your success.

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