The cloud system for transferring and accessing data is gradually growing as people understand the security, ease and mobility of relying on these solutions that are already revolutionizing the world. If before the storage of photos, videos, contacts and personal information were placed in the cloud, the importance of this system for companies and multinationals is increasing.

After all, the datacenters around the world indicate the same thing: we are increasingly dependent on the cloud computing market. In 2015, many novelties appeared in this sector, including information that the CIA (American Intelligence Agency) itself would be using this system for its operations .

The focus is on migration

Now, in 2016, the focus is on trying to focus on companies that want to migrate to cloud computing solutions, precisely to create more complex and secure datacenters, which contain information that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Can you see how much technology has advanced in recent years? It is time to adapt to offer greater practicality and mobility, as we live dependent on mobile devices. With the solutions available in cloud computing, the technological infrastructure of companies can be transferred to the cloud, with great security and reliability.

Advantages of cloud computing solutions

With the increasing migration of several companies to the world of cloud computing solutions, it is important to highlight some advantages that the model offers to companies that adopt these solutions:

  • Using resources much more efficiently and quickly. With this, management costs by people and staff will be lower, such as the decrease in time to control data and transactions;
  • Storage flexibility and processing power: everything is faster. Problems with bandwidth and data size? Forget about it. Cloud computing solutions have many features, including what you might call endless functionality;
  • Greater transparency in dealing with resources and processes;
  • Mobility: can be accessed from any electronic device, ensuring ease and convenience.

It is common for many companies to be afraid of cloud computing technologies, especially with regard to data and confidential information, such as transactions, suppliers and customers. However, as the cloud computing market is on the rise, the system will provide you with more security, since data enhancement will always be carried out to ensure the reliability of the company and customers. Technology is the place you can trust the most, precisely because it is always modernizing and innovating with increasingly flexible and useful processes and services for the daily business of multinationals.

Netflix, for example, migrated almost completely to this system (focusing on IaaS) last year with the aim of optimizing the entire website and entertainment platform. In Brazil, the model only tends to grow in 2016. is an AWS partner company for cloud solutions, and allows your company to have full control of files wherever you want, whenever you want and the way you want . Discover our solutions .

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