It is believed that the term cloud computing, or computation in the cloud, was used for the first time at the end of the 1990s, but researchers have indicated that the concept of exchanging information between computers emerged much earlier, around 1960. Yes bien it is possible that the technology is not recent, the reality is that its extended use started to be received from 2008, when different companies of different sizes started to use the service.

Today, the development of cloud computing is accelerating. Thanks to the benefits it brings in various aspects, such as mobility, increased productivity and cost reduction, the advances and expectations of this service are gaining more and more space in discussions and corporate events.

Due to the breadth of the sector, software and systems development companies are migrating to cloud computing. Currently, there are several platforms on the market that allow you to store documents and different types of information about a person or a company in the cloud. Therefore, it is necessary to study the demand and choose the best tool for each need.

A solution for every problem

One of the problems faced by large companies is the number of trips that their employees must make frequently. If the Internet facilitates and contributes to mitigating the physical absence of employees, they have their limitations. For example, if the company works on its own server where the files stored on the computers are stored, when someone needs to travel, they must necessarily take a notebook from the company and, even then, access to the files is limited. For these cases, the best option is to opt for a cloud solution. Next, we will see which work platforms can be used on the cloud.


The electronic mail tools in the cloud are the most popular options and the ones that are most used today. The ease of accessing the in-tray from any device with the Internet is the greatest benefit, in addition to having all files safely stored. You can also hire the service without connection, which allows the user to read and answer emails without being connected, create erasers that will then synchronize when you have a connection.

Video conference

Text: Thanks to these applications, the distance and absence no longer represent a problem. Videoconferences make it possible to hold meetings with people who are located in different parts of the world simultaneously through Internet access. In addition to helping with the work and facilitating the mobility of people, it is also possible to save the conference archive.


The main advantage of using an agenda on the cloud is the possibility of sharing it with other people. In this way, the use of the paper agenda is eradicated, and it is more practical to organize meetings, since all the guests can see the availability of the others and in this way the search for a free time in common is streamlined.

file storage

The solution for storing files on the cloud is being used more and more because it provides a lot of security for companies. This system allows you to edit documents within a single platform, so that changes are immediately saved and in this way data is not lost if a voltage drop occurs and the computer is turned off, for example. This also allows sharing documents in a simple way between colleagues, who can work at the same time in the same file.

In addition to these four tools, there are other services that can be used on the cloud. The hosting of a website, for example, is very important in this sense, since having its own server requires space and implies a heavy investment in support and maintenance. Working on the cloud is also an option for financial administration and for task administration platforms and CRM solutions.

There are functions in this service that make work much easier, including access to several different devices at the same time (tablets, cell phones, notebooks). At present, it is also essential that the system allows access from different operating systems, such as Windows, iOS and Android.

The use of a cloud solution that can be accessed from any device is important for data synchronization. In this way, even though there are several people from different places working on different platforms, the data is updated and shared immediately, which facilitates communication.

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