For a long time, certifications were the subject of great debates about their importance and effectiveness. An endless debate: is it worth it or not? Some accused slot machine certification companies, claiming that a seal was not the guarantee of having a good professional, that experience was worth much more, etc.

Sometimes it even made up for the debate, but the rest of the time it was a waste of time and energy. Certifications are important for beginners and experts alike, and with the rise of cloud computing , that importance is more important than ever.

Certifications needed by professionals in all contexts

Certifications are important in both contexts of the debate, it is possible that it still occurs, but at a much lower intensity.

  • Certifications for Beginners

I understand that for those just starting out in technology, there is a flood of technical information to absorb and knowing where to start can be quite confusing. Universities make the way a little easier, but when it comes to IT, there is such a huge demand for professionals that it is not possible to wait for the completion of this university journey to enter the job market. Certification can be a guide.

The certification offers a theoretical basis, with an emphasis on market needs, in a short period of time. It also aligns theory with practice and allows new professionals to enter the market in search of their internship or first job, while still studying their first courses at university.

  • Certifications for the most experienced

It is true that for someone who is already in the job market, with a good background and good calluses on his hands, certification is not a priority, as the years on the road already certify him as a profound connoisseur of technology and with a lot of experience.

However, for those seeking to reach higher positions, both in technical and managerial leadership, certification can be a differential. The certification seal can guarantee that theory and practice are very well married, which can generate good results in positions of greater responsibility.

It is worth mentioning that in a competitive market, even if there is a high demand for professionals as in IT, the strategy of seeking differentials is still valid and certifications can be a key part, for example, in tie-breaking criteria between competitors for the same vacancy. It's worth the tip.

And what certifications to look for in the market?

Going back to the past, thinking about cloud computing was synonymous with infrastructure, so certifications were directly linked to computer networking and systems administration.

But the advancement of cloud computing and the adoption and migration by companies of solutions that arise every year, already incorporating cloud computing technology into their strategies, has required a deep knowledge in several areas.

Still on infrastructure, AWS, for example, has been offering more and more resources in its cloud services and using different technologies, going beyond servers and network connectivity, looking for database, security, backup and recovery professionals and many others. technical capabilities.

As for software development, which has also been strongly incorporated into the demands of cloud computing, more and more professionals need to specialize in their programming languages, use of APIs, integration with databases, mobile applications, BI, IoT, and various others, now with emphasis on cloud.

We cannot forget the management and governance part, which also has specific certifications, contributing more and more to the success of projects, meeting the expectations of customers and solution providers.

An example in practice

Here at Sky.One , for example, our professionals have a lot of experience, we have several case and certifications with the main suppliers in the market. We know very well how important it is to reconcile theory with practice. Obtaining a certification seal increasingly attests to Sky.One and seals many years of practice. Customers become much more confident in the services provided by us when they know that companies like Amazon attest to the quality of our employees; it is the certainty of successful projects.

If your goal is to become an expert in cloud computing, without a doubt, training is the first step. Seek reference certifications and put all theory into practice; You just have to win. Another valuable tip is to keep following our blog , with several tips and experiences in cloud computing.

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