By: Caio Klein l Co-Founder of Sky.One

First, it is necessary to understand that retail is not just one thing and the forms of retail are going through this unique time with different levels of impact.

I highlight three main sectors: Food, “Atacarejo” and Durable Goods. Therefore, we will briefly analyze the impacts by sector:


The food sector is doing well, thank you! Of course, it wasn't without its scratches and those that offered better ways to shop online came out stronger. But people continue to shop in physical stores, even more than they did before, as practically all meals are now prepared at home, supplied by nearby markets that have not closed.


The “atacarejo” suffered a little more, as many of its restaurant customers left or greatly reduced sales. The way was to innovate, sell in different ways to those who keep buying.

Durable goods

The durable goods sector has suffered and still suffers a lot. There are thousands of stores and chains of different products that had to close their doors and, like many other economic activities, interrupted their services. And even after the timid and cautious reopening, they deal with the fear of customers to go back to their stores in the same way they used to. It's a huge challenge and adapting to the new demands is the only way to face what's to come.

The market reaction

In this confusing scenario, there is an almost unanimous feeling of uncertainty and many businessmen remain afraid to make any investment decision. Survival has been the watchword, but the light already seems to point at the end of the tunnel and those who are taking a stand at this moment will be better prepared to take advantage of the gradual recovery of the economy.  

Opening physical stores may be an alternative for some chains, readjusting the size, improving logistics and optimizing forms of financing may be interesting for others, but without a doubt, investing in digital transformation of their businesses is becoming a foundation that everyone is adopting.

Whether in digital communication channels with customers, in more modern and integrated e-commerce tools or in the virtualization of IT resources , businessmen are looking for new ways to reduce costs, bring customers and employees closer together in the digital world and explore everything that technology can bring about new forms of revenue or margin improvement.

We are working with many technology supply partners for the retail segment in order to bring technological differentiation to the sector's entrepreneurs. Whether through infrastructure as a service or the provision of a variety of solutions that deliver efficient e-commerce , tax validation, integration with CRM, connection to payment methods, pricing tips, purchase recommendations and even financial services integrated into the ERP . There is a very large ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs in the sector to take advantage of the latest in technology and very well aligned with the new demands of the post-pandemic world.

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