More and more companies are starting to adopt cloud computing in their business strategies, since it is possible to take advantage of the benefits and the reduction of costs related to the use and maintenance of hardware and software.

Already in 2017, a very large acceleration is expected in relation to the migration of solutions and services to the cloud . Many experts even call this moment the second wave of cloud computing, since we already have a consolidation of the technology used, several success stories and many lessons learned in recent years.

They also say that companies should review their software products and adapt them to migrate to the cloud, taking advantage of new technologies that are emerging to facilitate this migration, such as the AWS Server Migration Service , a service created by Amazon to help change the entire customer infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud services for different market niches

According to a study carried out by CompTIA, more than 90% of the companies interviewed use some cloud-related service. 74% adopted the software as a service (SaaS) model, 42% opted for the use of infrastructure (IaaS) and 33% used platform as a service (PaaS).

The technology employed for cloud computing supports many areas, including a number of niche markets. In 2014 alone, of the companies that adopted cloud services, 63% used cloud email solutions, 45% used productivity tools and 35% consumed analysis and business intelligence tools.

Examples of technologies that have already migrated to the cloud:

  • Audio and video streaming

  • mobile apps

  • internet of things

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Games

As for software solutions that already use the entire cloud structure for different market niches, we can highlight:

  • Productivity tools (e.g. task management, virtual disks, etc.)

  • Email

  • collaboration tools

  • virtual desktops

  • CRM

  • HR Management

  • Help Desk

  • ERP

  • call center

  • financial tools

  • VOIP

the next steps

The use of the cloud opens up opportunities for companies both in terms of supporting their structure and enabling them to offer new businesses and services to their customers, which is why the great highlight in 2017 was the growth in the use of cloud computing by companies.

However, adapting solutions and services, as well as migrating to the cloud, does not happen magically. It takes planning and projects that reconcile the use of hardware, software and network resources, associating information security, high availability and customer support.

AWS the market as the best alternative for migrating to the cloud, with a great market experience, big players using its structure and a set of solutions, services and support that makes it easier for companies from different niches to adapt and use of cloud computing in your business.

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