If we search for the term digital transformation on the internet, we will find several different descriptions for it on technology websites and blogs. While some experts refer to this term as Industry 4.0, others claim it is the next industrial revolution. But if we strip away the jargon, we see that digital transformation is built on several converging technology trends, including cloud computing.

As data will create new opportunities and drive business models in the coming years, and both the economy and consumer behavior will undergo drastic transformations, cloud computing will be critical to simplifying business operations and providing them with greater agility. Next, learn about the role that cloud computing plays in the digital transformation of businesses. Check out:

The challenges posed by digital transformation

Almost every sector of the economy is being changed by digital transformation. While machine makers are equipping their devices with sensors that detect failures and reduce downtime, car makers are trying to outsell cars and provide more innovative services to their customers – like one that tells the workshop when the car's brakes need it. be replaced.

All this will end up benefiting not only the companies, but also the customers who are part of generation Y, the one that succeeded generation Z and which has a greater level of affinity with new technologies and digital applications. And with the breakdown of existing structures and the spread of digital transformation around the world, new products and services will be launched and traditional business models will be changed.

According to specialists, the prerequisite for a company to join the digital transformation is to use an innovative technology, which preferably has an incredible 'disruptive' power. Before, to enter the internet universe, organizations only needed to use a computer and the internet itself. But today, they need to embrace the IoT (Internet of Things), social media, mobile devices and, most importantly, the cloud.

Facing the next 'industrial revolution' with cloud computing

The use of modern and innovative technologies is essential for companies, regardless of their size and sector, to face the challenges posed by digital transformation. And considering the fact that either businesses embrace digital transformation or 'disappear' completely from the market, the adoption of these technologies is mandatory, not something optional that managers should leave later.

This is because digital transformation requires the connection of all points in the value chain of organizations, from customers and employees to partners and suppliers. And this inevitably makes communication and processes much more complex and generates a huge volume of data, which is crucial for good decision-making. One of the technologies that can simplify all of this is cloud computing.

The cloud, in addition to enabling the most varied companies to simplify their processes and communication, also rapidly increases their productivity, based on real-time data analysis. The cloud also helps managers overcome the challenges posed by the next 'industrial revolution' and make their company more competitive in today's competitive marketplace as they strategize to grow their business.

How digital transformation can help Brazil 'recover'

In Brazil, as well as around the world, digital transformation will be the number one priority for CIOs and managers in 2016. This is because companies are being impacted by several trends, such as smart devices and cloud computing services themselves. And this year, these technologies will be very important for the growth of the Brazilian economy, being able to help it to get back on its feet in the face of the recession that is plaguing the entire country.

While many companies fear the crisis, others take the opportunity to invest in the cloud and stand out in the market. But anyone who thinks that the cloud is only helping local businesses is wrong. Some organizations, including SMEs and startups, are expanding beyond our borders, thanks to the possibility that the cloud gives their managers to reduce costs and increase their performance quickly.


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