In the past, companies in the retail sector that needed computing infrastructure to grow had no choice but to invest in the software, servers, and personnel needed to do so.

Now, cloud computing allows companies of all shapes and sizes to have access to the structure they need, as well as facilitating the sharing of strategic information, such as transactions, inventory information, reports and much more.

Cloud computing has become critical to retail growth

Cloud computing today goes beyond a computing infrastructure for companies. Not only is it seen as a possibility to reduce IT costs, the cloud has real business value, especially for the modern retail and supply chain industries.

Considered strategic, cloud computing has made the computational structure accessible to different types of retailers of varying sizes. It directly integrates retailers, suppliers and customers, leading to multiple benefits.

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  • Keeps and synchronizes inventory information always up to date

When a product is sold, the stock count adjusts and reflects to all other stores looking for that particular item. This is especially useful for retailers that offer online purchasing, as well as brands and suppliers that provide direct shipping to retailers.

  • Share retail sales data

Retailers share their point-of-sale information in real time so managers and suppliers can analyze information and make strategic recommendations to help increase product sales.

  • Improves the customer experience

Cloud computing has transformed the customer experience, making it easier for retailers to change the way customer service happens. Product updates, news and other relevant information are customized to suit different types of customers.

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Far beyond technology costs

Like Amazon, the cloud computing services are all managed and up to date, and since the entire computing infrastructure must be up and running every day, their main objective is to ensure everything is ready and protected.

With most IT services happening in the cloud, retailers can focus on selling their products instead of building a technology backbone. The goal is to focus on sales processes, reducing the time and effort spent on technology services.

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When retailers and suppliers have the option to move most of their technology needs to a cloud service they can focus on making their customers happy, making their business profitable and ready for a future of growth.

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