The current crisis, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has had a direct impact on the market and on business, especially when we are talking about micro, small and medium-sized companies. And in this case, where business depends on business management systems, what are the tips for ERPs to achieve good results in the resumption?

Having an ERP was already essential even before the crisis, but now that companies are experiencing this moment, it has become even more important to show the main indicators that show the health of the company and forecasts for the coming months.

With the likely recovery in the market, this system will be even more relevant, and that is why we will present the paths that ERP companies need to follow to retain their customers, acquire new ones and also ensure the success of these customers in using their solution. Check out the top 4 tips now!

4 tips for ERPs in the post-COVID recovery

Following the tips can be the great differential for your company to achieve great results in the post-COVID market recovery. After all, consumer behavior has changed, be it B2B or B2C. Furthermore, closer contact has become a relevant factor in making purchasing decisions or changing suppliers.

So, check out the 4 tips for ERPs recommended by our team and see how you can use each one of them in practice .

1. The customer at the center of everything: apply the customer centric

Companies that adopt a customer-centric approach (also known as customer centric ) are those that do more than they say and put their customers first in making any decision.

They prioritize providing an exceptional experience for every customer, even after the sale, to increase profits by managing to retain customers and also to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors .

Truly customer-centric organizations identify their most valuable customers and ensure their satisfaction before anything else. To do this, companies collect customer data from various sources and channels and target communication work based on relevant offers at the right time.

2. Strategic approach: prove the value of your solution

According to Gartner data, by 2021, CIOs who adopt a business strategy-first approach with ERP will deliver 60% greater business value than those who adopt a vendor-first approach.

This means that the strategic approach will become more and more important to show the value of your ERP solution to your customers .

Being able to show that a given solution works, proving its value every day, is the best way to prove to a specific customer that it can provide benefits at a strategic level right after the takeover.

3. Be mobile ready: implement a structured cloud offering

With operations becoming more and more connected, there is a need to manage daily work more flexibly, especially through mobile devices and using a cloud solution.

In this case, the tip is: offer an offer to carry out this migration of the operation with the ERP to the cloud. This will allow greater security and mobility for each of your customers who make this choice.

Using Cloud Computing for management software brings several advantages to an operation. Of course, mobility is one of the main ones, but it is also possible to count on benefits such as:

  • Cost reduction;
  • Updated technology;
  • Increased availability;
  • Simple support and maintenance.

4. Seek differentiation by adding solutions

Go beyond what customers expect and what you initially set out to deliver. This will be one of the main paths chosen by companies that want to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market.

For this, it is necessary to find solutions that can be added to your main tool to offer additional resources that can generate a positive impact for your customers.

With companies having to deal with scarce resources due to the drop in revenue in the crisis period and the difficulty in raising funding at this time, a good way out is to add solutions that help with the financial part of these companies .

To put this action into practice as one of the main tips for ERPs after the post-COVID recovery, Sky.One now Sky.Simple 's newest solution to bring intelligence to your Management Software by implementing a layer of financial services simplified. This way you allow financial institutions to offer companies transparent, secure financial services and everything digitally.

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