Supply chain management is a sector that requires a lot of organization, time and dedication for processes to be carried out efficiently, as the slightest management error can trigger a series of serious problems. Therefore, it is very important that professionals in this area use the best tools and resources to ensure assertive results.

Within this context, technology can offer numerous practical and modern solutions, making logistical processes much safer and more organized. After all, one of the best ways to keep the business competitive is to ensure an efficient supply chain.

Therefore, in today's article you will find out about the main innovation trends in the logistics segment, adhered to by all entrepreneurs who have growth prospects for their companies.

advance delivery

With the promise of providing more comfort and reducing product delivery time, early delivery can be considered one of the biggest trends in the logistics segment today. Initially proposed by Amazon, the idea is to focus on customer satisfaction, surprising them by delivering the goods ahead of schedule.

The concept is not based on assumptions, but on statistical analyzes of the consumer's profile (based on their last purchases), carried out by Big Data processes , which allow the company to already leave the products that they will possibly consume in their next purchases, separated in locations close to it. In this way, the customer will enjoy a much faster delivery.

Unification of deposits

The emergence of e-commerces in itself is already one of the great achievements that technology and the internet have made possible in recent years. However, when it comes to logistics processes, there are still many challenges to be overcome by the modern entrepreneur.

After all, opening a virtual store is not enough, it is necessary to invest in an efficient logistics chain, so that demand is met without delays, unforeseen events or problems, especially if the company operates in both environments: virtual and physical. The great solution that is becoming a trend in this market is the unification of deposits.

The focus of this solution is to reduce common problems in businesses that have two separate warehouses, one for e-commerce and another for the physical store. For example, the lack of merchandise in a warehouse, while the product is left in the other.

Therefore, unifying these warehouses is becoming a trend in the business environment, as in addition to reducing storage costs and eliminating a series of failures in the logistics chain, it also allows the consumer to buy through the virtual store and pick up the products directly at the store. physics, if you think it's faster and more convenient.

Pick to Light

Widely used in Europe and the US, Pick to Light technology is starting to emerge in Brazil as a great alternative for managing and automating companies' inventories. The innovation is highly recommended for businesses that want to achieve a high rate of item picking for fractional loads, reducing failures and errors commonly committed.

In a simplified way, the technology uses light indicators to identify the location where the product is located in the warehouse, in addition to showing the quantity of this product that must be separated. After being collected, a button will be activated in the system, completing the task and already registering its output in the company's inventory management database.

This means that the employee responsible for collecting and organizing orders will have more agility and security in carrying out the processes, reducing the chances that the wrong products are sent.

Voice command in inventory management

Despite being considered a simple solution, it is one of the great trends in innovation that can optimize the organization of products in distribution centers and company warehouses.

Its great advantage is that all procedures are carried out without the need for clipboards, pens and paper, allowing the operator to have his hands free to handle goods and boxes with much more flexibility and safety. The technology basically consists of a device that is attached to the employee's waist, with a microphone and headphones connected.

As voice commands are given, the system separates the quantity and informs the location of the product in the warehouse. At the end of the task, the system will inform the terminal, and automatically the next task to be performed will be announced, guaranteeing a much more productive working day.

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