When you hear the word “virtualization” what immediately comes to your mind? Many people think of an accumulation of operating systems on a single machine and this really represents a type of virtualization: hardware. While this is one of the most well-known virtualizations, it is far from the only one.

Virtualization is a virtual environment that somehow manages to simulate what is real. It is possible to use different applications without necessarily being on the machine where the applications are installed.

Discover three types of virtualizations that if you haven't used them yet, you certainly will:

1. Hardware Virtualization

This is when multiple systems are run on a single machine . This is easily possible with the use of specific programs that manage to generate a true virtual machine. One example is Virtual Machines, or VMs.

The interesting thing here is that if there is any incompatibility between the operating system and an application, for example, this is eliminated. For example, if the person is on a machine on which Windows Vista is installed and the application only runs on Windows XP, through virtualization they will be able to use it normally, as if they had Windows XP on their machine.

2. Presentations

It is very similar to remote access program or remote access software . It allows any computer to use a specific operating system or application without actually having it installed on the machine. The difference with the remote access program is that, in this case, several people can use the same remote system simultaneously .

3. Applications

Who has never faced the incompatibility of one application with another or with the operating system of a machine? Virtualizing the applications this is easily solved as it will be installed on a virtual server and not on a computer and will eliminate compatibility issues .

In fact, “cloud computing” is something that is already present in many people's lives. The economic advantage is another highlight that needs to be highlighted. Server virtualization, application virtualization and presentation virtualization are not part of your daily routine, but they certainly will be soon.

Are you ready to virtualize your enterprise?

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