Did you know that the US government is in the cloud? Recently, through FedRAMP, the White House authorized state agencies to migrate sensitive and confidential government data to the AWS cloud . With this certification, users can leverage the AWS environment to quickly and securely move their workload to the cloud, reducing the need for costly and redundant security clearances.

Cloud computing provides an infrastructure that enables US state and federal government agencies to expedite mandates, reduce costs, increase efficiency and innovation across all civilian agencies and the US Department of Defense. In addition, cloud environments reduce barriers to innovation and systems modernization.

Why cloud computing?

Organizations of all sizes and government agencies are moving their data to the cloud. Cloud computing allows for on-demand access and storage of large amounts of information, which was not possible in traditional IT environments. The cloud supports high-resolution images, and facilitates the sharing of data between employees in different geographic areas, providing faster access to information .

Cloud computing also improves the ability to analyze and track information (with proper information governance), so that data can be analyzed quickly.

FedRAMP security protocols

As always, security plays a key role throughout the process of choosing which platform to use for government agencies. What are the advantages of the cloud according to FedRAMP security protocols?

  • Improves real-time security visibility;
  • Provides a uniform approach to risk-based management;
  • Increases transparency between service providers and government agencies;
  • Improves the reliability, consistency, and quality of the US federal government's security clearance process;
  • Reduces efforts and risks of incorrect or duplicate data;
  • Increases efficiency and eliminates security inconsistencies throughout the system;
  • Reduces cost inefficiencies associated with the current security authorization process.

How does authorization work?

Authorization is provided by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), which observes a standard set of security requirements for cloud services. This authorization covers more than 400 security protocols and allows government agencies to use AWS for highly sensitive workloads, including patient records, financial data, law and other sensitive information.

FedRAMP provides government agencies with a streamlined path to move their workloads to AWS, leveraging the agility and cost savings of the cloud. More than 2,300 government customers around the world already use AWS. In addition to complying with FedRAMP requirements, the AWS GovCloud framework complies with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) regulations.

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