Innovation. This is the word at the top of many executives' priority lists. After all, only by innovating can a company satisfy its customers' desires and stand out in today's competitive market . That's why many organizations around the world are encouraging creativity in their corporate environment and implanting a culture of innovation in their day-to-day business.

But innovating in a world where information security is constantly threatened by cybercriminals is quite challenging. Those companies that innovate, but do not protect their IT infrastructure, run the risk of losing their strategic data and seeing all their work 'go down the drain'. It is for these reasons that managers need to find a way to continue innovating, but with total security.

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The enabling environment for innovation created by the cloud

To innovate is to create a new product or service that changes the way a person thinks or performs a task. Only by innovating can companies adapt to changes and find new ways to satisfy their customers. Today, many experts and market observers believe that cloud computing is the main tool for innovating and finding new ways to succeed.

Technological trends achieved thanks to the cloud (such as mobility, analytics and social media) and the computing power of the cloud itself are providing companies of the most varied sizes and sectors with connectivity and data analysis solutions never before imagined. Below, we list the different ways the cloud creates an environment conducive to the emergence of new ideas in corporate environments:

encouraging collaboration

Collaboration is one of the main factors that stimulate innovation. The cloud creates an open communication channel, which enables the sharing of the most diverse ideas and points of view and the exchange of experiences among team members.

Simplifying processes

The cloud provides the necessary framework for employees to work effectively. It simplifies the company's processes, eliminates bureaucracy and allows the team to gain more time to innovate and generate value for the business.

Helping to maintain momentum

The cloud helps managers maintain excitement in the business environment even if they are not in the office. Thanks to mobility, they can see what happens in the company and take measures to keep the culture of innovation always 'alive'.

How the cloud increases the security of this environment

Protecting data, strategic information and Big Data analysis spread across all sectors of the company is not an easy task. IT managers need to create a good defense strategy to protect all information, which includes storing data in secure data centers, creating compliance programs and replicating data across geographic regions.

Only then will the company's strategic information, which will help it gain positions in the market, remain fully protected. But some companies may not be able to mount this defense strategy, because of the high investment required to build a data center. This does not include energy and maintenance costs and the salaries of employees responsible for managing the entire infrastructure.

But thanks to the cloud, even small businesses and startups can rely on multiple data centers with high security standards. Thus, they are not prevented from innovating. Cloud computing allows companies of the most varied sizes and sectors to have the security they need, but without having to invest in an infrastructure and manage it . Thus, innovating safely becomes much easier, practical and cheaper.

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