Every computer system interconnected in a network or connected to the internet is liable to suffer from security problems and be vulnerable to cyber attacks. But, there are solutions capable of identifying different types of threats and helping with risk reports , one of them is the vulnerability scanner.

This type of tool works continuously in the form of tests to find gaps in computer or network system security, with the aim of preventing access to sensitive data by unauthorized persons , who can steal, sell and harm the financial health of companies.

To get an idea, according to data collected by the Mz group, cyber attacks against Brazilian companies grew 220% in the first half of last year.

Thus, managing internal and external threats from all systems connected to the network is essential and the vulnerability scanner is an excellent solution to monitor and prevent possible intrusions .

In this article, we will highlight some benefits of using vulnerability scanner and find out which scanning tools are most used in the market. Remembering that among them there is not the best scanner, but the most suitable according to the need for verification, with broader and more comprehensive results.

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Benefits of vulnerability scanner

Acting in an automated way, the vulnerability scanner works around the clock. In this way, every attack prediction is quickly identified . It is interesting to remember that every system can suffer vulnerabilities, however, small companies can be very targeted.

And this happens for several reasons, such as the lack of training of professionals in identifying suspicious messages, use of outdated systems, etc.  

In addition, with the arrival of the LGPD , the need for companies to protect their information and that of their customers has become even more urgent. This is because, in addition to the heavy fines imposed, the company's reputation is questioned in the market, negatively impacting its image.

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Data security and GDPR

10 free tools for you to know

There are different vulnerability scanning tools on the market, and the best part is that many of them are free. So, we have listed some of the top 10 for you. Check out:

1 – OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner 

This tool opens scanning on servers and network devices including IP address, open service, open ports, problems with configuration and installation of programs and applications.

It then generates a report with the information via email for later rectification. This vulnerability scanner can be used from an external server.

2 – Tripwire IP360 

Here, scanning is done seamlessly with risk management, users are more autonomously able to identify all network issues, which include on-premises, cloud, and containerized assets. 

It is a type of scanner capable of performing a more general and systemic assessment by information technology professionals.

3 – Nessus Vulnerability Scanner 

It is a type of vulnerability scanner that works by generating a proactive security procedure in integrated, virtual, physical or cloud networks. It is best suited for use by professionals specializing in cybersecurity in monitoring patches, software , identifying and deleting adware, malware, and even applications.

4. Comodo HackerProof 

Updated daily, it is widely used by information technology teams because it features drive-by attack prevention, good verification of malicious websites and files in the computer's operating system.

Based on indicators, the security assessment is monitored by users, which requires the improvement of the software itself.

5. Nexpose community vulnerability scanner 

The novelty of this vulnerability scanner is open source , which becomes an advantage for information technology professionals. In this way, it is possible to evolve in constant improvements the moment a new device connects to the network.

It also works with risk scoring assessment criteria among threats and ensures measurement by cybersecurity professionals .

6. Vulnerability Manager Plus 

The difference here is that the verification uses the same mechanism used by hackers so that IT professionals also learn how attacks are being re-elaborated and are able to think of more up-to-date prevention solutions.

The scanner comes free on up to 25 devices and offers automatic scanning, risk and impact assessment, security misconfigurations, web server protection, and more.

7. Nikto Vulnerability Scanner 

In this vulnerability scanner, the IT professional has the possibility to understand the versions and functionalities of the servers, and acts in a more directed way towards protocols and malware. 

It allows checking different ports of the same server simultaneously and is widely used for efficiency in server protection.

8. Wireshark

This scanner is suitable for Linux, macOS and Windows devices, and is widely used in network systems of public agencies and services. 

In this tool, threat identification is taken offline for evaluation and correction.

9. Aircrack-ng 

It is a vulnerability scanner widely used for WiFi network monitoring, using accessible applications on drives, cards and replay attacks. Takes care of lost keys by capturing data packets. Supported OSs include NetBSD, Windows, OSX, Linux, and Solaris.

10. Retina network security scanner 

The operation here is web-based, open source software from a central location, and includes: patching, compliance, configuration, and reporting.

It also provides assured protection for databases, workstations, servers and web applications, with full support for VCenter integrations and virtual application scanning environments.

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