Working with the cloud system offers numerous advantages for your business. But those who still don't work with this system are a little apprehensive when it comes to migrating data and information.

If you are going through this moment of data migration to the cloud, here is what you cannot miss to avoid the most common mistakes:

Use smart and reliable automation features

When choosing the right cloud, choose the one that has automation when configuring the cloud, when necessary. This will help protect files saved in the cloud and, with intelligent automation, will help match known devices. This feature is critical when the cloud is hybrid.

A cloud also needs virtualized resources in addition to those that support physical and public cloud resources. Working with this system in a reliable and intelligent way, it is possible to preserve and protect your data, in addition to facilitating and streamlining the migration process and future use of the cloud.

infrastructure adapters

Many companies already have their infrastructure systems and their forms of data storage, when migrating to the cloud it is necessary to make sure that all this stored data will be part of the cloud without loss, preserving so that the files are not corrupted.

There are many adapters available to ensure the security of data migration to the cloud, the IT department responsible for data storage is able to choose the best one to be used at that time.

Another facility when migrating data to the cloud is to use hardware within the existing system, so a private cloud is created based on the data already stored. Not only does this make migration easier, it saves time and money.

Network and storage configuration

Using an adequate network and storage configuration also protects and facilitates the migration of data to the cloud. There are some predefined templates that also work to find an ideal solution at this crucial moment.

Making use of a predefined template, it is possible to save not only the time, but also the financial resources that building a private cloud takes. By opting for these models, migration will be easier, but it is possible to make some adaptations to the cloud to be ideal for your company.

These adaptations are the customizations that the IT department can make, minimizing the time to build the entire cloud and maintaining the security that cloud computing offers.

Choose a good provider

In addition to taking all these precautions with the cloud, choosing a good provider is also essential when migrating to your cloud. Although the cloud computing system is a secure system for storing data, the provider also needs to be reliable so that future surprises do not occur.

If your provider is not good or if it does not offer support for the cloud to remain in the air, the ideal is to replace that provider with one with greater potential, this will guarantee the migration of data with complete security and will also guarantee the use of the cloud without future problems, such as signal drop, for example.

Many providers do not have the capacity to support the demand that a cloud needs, so evaluate the supported capacity before choosing the provider.

Migrating to the cloud always causes some fear with your data, but this process can be done safely when some precautions are taken. Want to know how? Go Sky.One and check it out!

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