Much has been said about the advantages that a company has when migrating to the cloud, for this reason it is expected that this storage system will be the best for business operations.

When choosing this system, smooth operation and data security are expected, in addition to other factors of course. Check more:


One of the most anticipated points of using the cloud is the economy that the system offers. And not only the savings it offers, but the help in increasing revenue. The economy of the cloud comes from the reduction of operating costs and even equipment, as cloud computing offers greater storage power, reliability and good performance, without the need for costly maintenance or infrastructure. The team's performance and productivity also increase, as the system is agile and easy to use.

With the use of the cloud and the agility it allows, it is also possible to win new customers faster, in addition to helping to maintain and retain the loyalty of those already conquered. The company's expansion can also be done safely and with greater reduction of operational risks.

Agility and data protection

In addition to the agility in querying and transmitting information, the cloud also has greater data security. When migrating to this system, the data is saved, without running the risk of being accessed by unauthorized persons.

The most common is that the cloud can only be used within the company by internal equipment, so the data is protected against the leakage of information from the company to the competition.

The transmission of data from one sector to another is also very agile, as documents saved in the private or public cloud can be accessed by other sectors, ensuring quick service and much greater employee productivity.

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Another important point involving the use of the cloud is the saving of time spent with applications and storage systems produced by the IT department.

As the system has intelligent automation, the expense (in time and money) with data maintenance is minimal. Not to mention that the cloud system also has predefined models for migration to the cloud, which avoids building the system by the IT department, but does not replace the professional who will make the necessary customizations for the best functioning of the cloud computing for the your company.

New investments

There are so many advantages that the cloud offers, one of which is the possibility of greater investments for your business, both internally and for expansion. The creation of new internal projects is easier due to the economy that the system has and also due to the greater productivity that it ends up generating within the company.

This combination of factors drives the company to innovate and invest in new projects, whether they are for action or for new partnerships and businesses in the market. Investing in cloud migration is to increase your work potential and scope, being able to reach new directions and increase your market considerably.

Migration to the cloud is ideal for anyone looking for guaranteed data storage, combined with greater time and money savings, boosting results and opening new doors to higher and better investments. Need help with the cloud? Go to Sky.One and find the solution!

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