With all the talk about cloud-native apps, migration is supposed to be an inevitable path. And among this whole process, Netflix contributed to the knowledge of the operation of a service in the cloud, and its main benefits obtained. Find out a little more about the benefits of Netflix with cloud computing migration.

Benefits of Netflix with cloud computing

Go beyond cost reduction

One of the salient attributes of Netflix's use of cloud computing is that the company has not communicated cost savings as an advantage. But it highlighted the advantages of scale and reliability. Even though the company was not burdened with its IT infrastructure to augment its private data center, it noted that the use of cloud computing could create elasticity in its application. Being able to choose the added benefit of cost savings.


It is difficult to achieve 99.999% service availability in a private data center. By moving to cloud computing, Netflix was able to achieve 99.99% availability. Just as Netflix was selective in the services it migrated to the cloud, organizations need to understand the impact on service availability when migrating their IT infrastructure to cloud computing.


Netflix took seven years to migrate to the cloud. After all, piling up the old systems, inserting them into another system, taking all the problems with it would not be advantageous. So the team that planned the cloud-native implementation decided to rebuild the systems to fundamentally change the nature of the organization. They migrated from a monolithic application to hundreds of microservices and broke old business cycles, replacing them with continuous delivery systems. That meant building new systems and acquiring new skills.


Automation is the key to achieving Netflix-style results without having to endure the kind of hyper-protracted process the company has seen. One approach is to migrate first to immediately reap the benefits of the cloud and optimize to drive the big wins around business process reinvention . And as a result, automation will allow continuous replication of application data, settings and files. These tools can streamline security and optimize workloads in the cloud.


Netflix is ​​considered the gold standard for leveraging cloud computing. The median annual income on Netflix is ​​$180,000. Not many organizations have the resources or reputation to attract the talent needed to complete a full migration to the public cloud. Most organizations are likely to seek outside help in their migration efforts. Netflix's journey highlights the need to own organizations that want to help with their cloud journey.

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