Here comes 2017, after going through a year that many want to forget. Despite the difficult time, it is necessary to structure all the company's departments and leave everything ready for the moment when we will grow again.

One of the characteristics that will mark this year is the beginning of disruption. Cezar Taurion says in his article that we should no longer think outside the box, but forget about it completely. This is a good suggestion so that we can adapt, create new businesses and even have a fresh start.

Thinking in this way, let's go to our article with suggestions of subjects that should be a priority for CIOs in 2017 with regard to cloud computing and other sectors of information technology.

Strong adjustments and improvement in spending on projects involving technology

Investment in technology by companies should continue to occur, but in a moderate manner. According to Gartner, the world expectation for 2017 is that growth will be around 2.7%, reaching US$ 3.5 trillion, good news since we had a retraction in 2016.

The reason, of course, are the political and economic crises, however, while many companies are cutting investments in several areas, information technology follows the opposite path. This is due to the fact that IT is consolidated as a tool for generating new business, organizational management and cost reduction.

For 2017, CIOs and other C-Level executives should further solidify the way investments in the area will be made, both in managing expenses and creating new projects. In this sense, the return on investment (ROI) remains a mantra in companies.

Priority in the conversion and satisfaction of customers using innovation

The use of chatbots and virtual assistants will see remarkable growth this year. Despite being recent, the strong investments and launches made by Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Google demonstrate that this feature is here to stay and will be improved quickly.

Tools that use voice interactions, similarly to Siri, Cortana, Google Home and Amazon's Echo, as well as communication interfaces with the use of Chatbots, associated with the use of artificial intelligence, should grow in this new year, associating online shopping and customer service.

The year in which cloud computing consolidates

The integration between devices, applications and files happens naturally for users through the cloud. The impact that has occurred in the music and video industry proves that naturally the incorporation of cloud computing will become routine in daily activities, both personal and corporate.

As a mission for CIOs in 2017, the focus will be on the standardization of integrated tools, usage policies and especially on information security.

Another important point in this cloud consolidation will be data storage. The use of private or public clouds as such will be an investment to be made very carefully this year.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will surprise us with high technology

Intelligent machines and applications and artificial intelligence associated with IoT should surprise us in the coming years. The industry is already feeling the financial and productive impact of implementing this technology, but what we will have more strongly is the arrival at the end user.

In addition to new application possibilities, CIOs should be aware of the potential use applied to reducing costs, improving people and processes in new businesses. Once again, data and security will be concerns for technology managers.

Increase in the number of incidents and investments in information security

As you've probably seen throughout the article, security will be a top priority for a CIO this year. Focus on process improvements, investments in tools and personnel, and especially on handling incidents, since you can reduce risks, but never completely avoid them.

Associating security with the annual budget will not be an easy task, especially in times of crisis, which is why priority is given to planning and investments that guarantee a good financial return.

All topics covered in the article are associated with the good use of financial resources and also the conversion of new businesses. Despite the difficult moment, it is possible for us to get through this season and prepare for future years that will certainly be better.

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