The year 2018 has already arrived, and for companies that intend to grow and become increasingly connected with advances in technology, increasing their presence with customers, work has already begun and one of the great highlights for the new year is on their own of artificial intelligence (AI).

Much was said about AI in 2017 but, according to Forbes , this year it ceases to be something that is being formed or is trending and becomes real and practical.      Based on this article, let's discuss about what we can expect about artificial intelligence for 2018 and the relationship with Cloud Computing.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence at work

This also happened with the emergence of cloud computing, the concern with the loss of jobs, the fact is that we are currently experiencing a great digital revolution , where great paradigms are changing, just like the cloud, artificial intelligence is part of this great change. And like what happened in the industrial revolution, in the end we will have adaptations to the new reality.

The big impact will be seen in repetitive activities, based on information that needs to be analyzed and decisions will be made based on AI. A good example is in the Chatbots that we are already finding in several websites and services. In addition to being a one-way street, customers and companies will benefit greatly from adopting the technology.

The evolution of human intelligence by virtue of artificial intelligence

Another interesting point that Forbes makes is the evolution of human intelligence due to the adoption of AI. If we stop to think about the concept of artificial intelligence, we are transferring responsibility for our decisions to machines. Can we think that we are going to transfer our intelligence to artificial intelligence? Generally speaking, yes.

However, doing so leads us to evolve human intelligence, the responsibility for decisions has always been ours, transferring that power to machines requires great human learning.     

The risks associated with the use of Artificial Intelligence

All innovation involves risks, with artificial intelligence it would not be different, especially with the impacts that it should promote in the coming years . Once again, we can associate the concern that existed with information security when adopting cloud computing . It is normal for this to happen, and just as it happened with the cloud, resources will be created that can guarantee the development and application of AI in the lives of people and companies.

The relationship between AI and Cloud Computing

Companies, like the cloud, need to include the use of artificial intelligence in their growth strategies. Amazon includes in its resource structure in cloud computing the integration with new technologies, such as AI, thus allowing the development of new products and services.

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