Companies that use SAP in their operations can now migrate to the cloud. SAP and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are already working together to provide companies with solutions to migrate and deploy their applications in the AWS Cloud. The most used SAP solutions can be easily migrated, representing greater agility, security and cost reduction. With the action, organizations can launch complete SAP enterprise software on the AWS cloud, operating their business remotely. Know more.

Which is?

SAP is an integrated business management system that aims to serve corporations as a whole, dividing its solutions into modules in which each one represents a certain area. In this way, it is possible to integrate information for different processes. The system is developed in ABAP, a specific programming language that meets the main demands of the market.


Migrating SAP systems to the AWS cloud improves performance and reduces costs. The integration offered by Sky.One , for example, entails a migration in a few days. The integrator is able to migrate the entire operation in a few days, increasing the efficiency of the services, reducing the time and costs of applying and validating the SAP banks.


According to Sky.One , the implementation for hosting SAP banks and their applications guarantee greater availability, gain in performance among them it is possible to highlight:

cost reduction

Innovation usually generates a high cost, but this is not the case with the implementation of cloud management systems. There is an initial investment, but the expenses are not high in relation to different software that require the payment of a license and costly servers. Developing, migrating and maintaining the system in the cloud is more affordable, as in most cases, the company pays only for what was used by the corporation. Which represents cost cutting, even if it is necessary to expand the need for storage.

More security

Migrating SAP is safe, as cloud solutions have international security standards , such as SSL and ISO, advanced encryption, among others. An important factor linked to security in the cloud concerns backup, which in conventional systems is a time-consuming process, while in the cloud it can be done in a few moments. Online systems allow the mirroring of servers and management standards that copy data in real time, making any problem difficult and creating encrypted copies of information.

Greater flexibility

If the company has variations in the volume of data stored in the cloud, it can hire a service based on its monthly needs. This ability allows you to reduce costs, facilitates adapting the SAP system to the demands of the business.

SkyOne Solution

Auto.Sky , a solution presented by Auto.Sky Sky.One delivers SAP on AWS in an orchestrated, scalable and optimized way . It is an application that offers more security, both physical and virtual, certified by ISO 27001. In addition, it allows for greater agility in migration, reduces costs and even allows for greater growth in the operation.

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