In an effort to integrate e-commerce operations with brick-and-mortar stores, many retailers are adding the BOPIS ( Buy Online, Pick Up In- ) service. Retailers are adding these ever-evolving features. Find out what BOPIS is and how Cloud Computing integrates with it.

What is BOPIS?

Buy online, pick up in-store , or BOPIS, is a concept that integrates physical stores, virtual stores, and shoppers . Enabling all forms of interaction, benefiting retailers and buyers. Loosely translated, it means buy online and pick up at the store.

For retailers, BOPIS can lead to more in-store transactions. That is, when the traffic of people in the physical store is increased, consumers can be encouraged to buy products that were probably not on the shopping list.

For shoppers, buying online and picking up in store allows them to skip the checkout line, eliminate delivery wait times and save money on shipping costs. More specifically, around 2 in 3 people (61%) have used this type of buying action, which clearly means it's more than just a new trend.

And retailers who pay attention to the customer experience using BOPIS can see great success, leading to business growth. Technology and connectivity are changing rapidly. In an aggressive economy, companies need to shift their mindset to one based on customer experience. This is the basis for outperforming customers.

For this reason, large companies have already recognized the need to provide an experience through omni-channel channels (multichannel). That's why online retailers are challenged to make the shopping experience unique.

Of course, on the site itself, distinguishing your customer's experience from other online retailers is difficult enough. Therefore, the best experiences happen at the time of purchase, receipt of the product and customer service. And BOPIS has played a decisive role in converting visitors into customers.

Have a cloud to meet BOPIS needs

Cloud computing-based solutions are an excellent choice for retailers who want to integrate their systems and achieve greater efficiency, agility and scalability. This makes it easier for retailers to adopt new technologies, innovate, extend and effectively streamline their processes.

Therefore, the starting point for starting the sales journey within retail using BOPIS depends on what your current systems are like. And at this point, the choice of cloud computing allow you to have a better experience for consumers.

Cloud computing allows you to always have data available, such as: what are your products sold, how is your stock, in addition to allowing you to share information in different places. Very useful for retailers who work with online sales.

And the IT infrastructure that leverages cloud computing has transformed the customer experience because it changes the way customer service takes place. Cloud computing, associated with BOPIS, allows you to customize the service, through all the relevant information. Serving everyone in the best way.

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