Leveraging the cloud for what you really need

Life gets a lot better when we make it easy, right?

Our services will enhance and develop your operations. With deployment and management, we maintain your applications with scalability, cost reduction and with all the necessary security!

All of this as a unified solution, leveraging the cloud for what you really need.

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Experts ready to take care of your entire journey to the cloud

Companies are increasingly showing interest in the cloud infrastructure option. Now, “Is it worth going to the cloud?” is not the right question, but “How and when will we go to the cloud?”.

Despite this certainty, some doubts may arise:

  • Will the public cloud really reduce my costs and increase my delivery speed?
  • How will I compare my Total Cost of Ownership (TCO On-Promise versus Public Cloud)?
  • What is the cloud most adherent to my need?
  • And security? How do I validate, guarantee and audit my levels?
  • How deep does my team’s transformation need to be to adopt the cloud?
  • The support of multiple environments is complex, how will I manage them?

But do not worry! Cloud Guru is ready to help you. Our experts take care of your entire journey to the cloud, from strategy and planning, to migration, deployment and support.

I want to speak to a Cloud Guru

Migration with
Cloud Guru

We are AWS, Google, Oracle, Huawei and Azure partners, the best global Cloud management providers, fulfilling our goal of always delivering quality migration options to our customers. In addition, there are 3 migration steps for Cloud management to be effective:

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1. Strategy

The starting point is to establish an action plan based on our Cloud Adoption Framework, with the unification of common guidelines and objectives. When we identify the main gaps that hinder the success of the migration, we move forward with a high-level action plan for the adoption of the cloud.

With the Cloud Guru team, we were able to work with a Multicloud architecture, where different applications can be on different Clouds.

2. Planning

Our Gurus offer a smart, clear and comprehensive migration plan. All costs, terms, risks and scenarios are widely discussed until they are approved. Detailing the entire process ensures safe and consistent adoption. All of this in the best consumption option for the cloud.

3. Execution

Time to get your hands dirty — and it’s all up to our Gurus! Our team will initiate the strategy outlined. We select and use migration platforms and tools that are capable of generating results such as: scalability and preservation of information.

At the end of these steps, the sustainability of the environment will be documented and ready for operation. As you can see, everything works out with agility and reliability.



Management and Support

We will always have a trained Guru taking care of your environment: the work doesn’t stop here! We will be with you 24 x 7 x 365, keeping an eye on everything, to guarantee better management in any environment — be it multiple or complex:

  • Proactive monitoring and scheduling;
  • Maintenance and correction of the Operating System;
  • Storage, network, VMs and database management;
  • Backups


Ensuring safety is for experts! We implement and structure the best market practices, to ensure that everything is right in your Cloud management environment, especially in the support process. It is part of our routine to perform vulnerability validations and tests.


We’ll be here, always watching! We strive to keep your cloud costs under control, plan capacity and scale correctly, and understand the need for other service acquisition options, all while assessing your billing and cost allocation.

Architecture transformation

Counting on the Cloud Guru means taking a next step in Cloud management, making technology increasingly simpler while evolving with the latest in the market.

For any type of business, the Cloud Guru suite of services offers a complete transformation:


With our exclusive Auto.Sky platform, we support and accelerate the adoption of monolithic applications in the public cloud. We also run analyzes, which result in better options for migration when verifying the maturity of an application.

Distributed systems

Our service has the function of proposing the best transformation, always respecting your software development characteristics, while aiming cloud adoption. The result is cost reduction and greater agility, performance and safety.

Native to cloud

We empower the development of native applications to optimize it using the Cloud. We advise and support the set of options, helping to define more practical and adherent forms of architecture, in addition to delivering continuous deployment methods.




Do you know which set of tools is ideal for your CD/CI process? Rest assured! We help you with that too.

We tell you which is the most adherent to your culture, with analysis techniques recognized in the market. This impacts the implementation of a productive environment, once your product is selected.

Cloud Guru Services


DevSecOps can even be difficult to hire — if you don’t have a team of Gurus, of course. Here, everyone is ready to help you!

Trust Sky.One with the complexity of the cloud and we guarantee the digital transformation of your company.

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