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The cloud will be present in the future of companies, it is good to keep an eye out

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About the company

Founded in 1988 with a focus on software development, Norber specializes in the implementation of Frequency Control Systems.

The company enables the management of employees' working hours, creating a platform capable of integrating the Human Resources department with managers and employees.

The company has more than 300 customers of different sizes throughout Brazil, including construction companies, bookstores, assemblers, telephone companies, health care companies and the food sector.


NewPonto, developed by Norber, controls the working hours of a company's employees, recording hours worked, overtime, dismissal, leave and absenteeism. The solution is used by more than one million users among the company's approximately 300 customers.

In 2016, the company began to receive complaints from customers dissatisfied with the obligation to maintain a complex IT structure to receive the program. According to executive Wilson Ariça, director of technology at Norber, large companies tend to maintain their own infrastructure, since they have the resources to invest in servers, broadband, software licenses, backup and maintenance.

However, the scenario may not be interesting for smaller companies, which seek alternatives to simplify departments, reduce costs and reduce bureaucracy in processes.

“Until then, we had never thought about changing the way our solution was offered, but we changed our mind, the market was asking for it”, says Ariça.


In mid-2015, Norber partnered with Sky.One to offer its customers the ability to store their solutions in the clouds.

According to Wilson Ariça, the company's movement follows a market trend and is inserted in a technically favorable context, marked by faster and safer network environments, in addition to good availability of servers and sophisticated SLAs.


With NewPonto in the clouds, Norber assured its customers the possibility of dispensing with their own IT infrastructure. “They no longer have to worry about databases, servers, backup and technicians. There are many costs”, says Ariça.

According to the Norber executive, security is another crucial point, since the client leaves aside setbacks with server downtime and external attacks, which could result in loss of important information.

Wilson explains that Norber's solutions were not initially designed for cloud technology. Therefore, the company will launch a new application by the end of the year, already designed for the web environment and incorporated with functionalities to take advantage of cloud resources even more.

“We are going to invest in marketing and close more sales, technology will grow a lot”, projects the director.