Processes that used to take 24 hours are now done in less than 4 hours with the migration to the cloud

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Paraná supermarket

About the company

Paraná Supermercados was created in December 1996, in the city of Guarulhos, generating new jobs, training people and valuing its employees, in addition to bringing many improvements and appreciation to the neighborhood.

Currently, with more than 12 stores, starting in 2020, sales through its e-commerce.


Due to the long time of use of the Database server, the disk space was increasing and the company did not have new disks with SSD technology that could meet the high demand, causing the Supermarket to retroact to the conventional disk, losing performance.

Júnior Paraná, IT Manager at Paraná Supermercados, explains that due to the problem, DBMaster frequently applied maintenance to the database, so the monthly package of hours was always exceeded, resulting in extra costs.

The entire infrastructure was local, with a database server, an application server, an invoice issuing server, a SITEF server and finally a POS server. All concentrated in one place.

With the opening of new stores, it was no longer possible to maintain the local server and the obsolete system required a new solution.


The decision to migrate was necessary, since the previous traditional contract model did not offer features that would allow for more flexible configurations, nor the flexibility to grow and/or reduce the infrastructure, as needed by Paraná Supermercados, and also, the obsolete server.


Today, the Supermarket no longer concentrates all the company's information in a single location, generating more security. In addition, the time reduction in extracting reports and generating files is very significant. Processes that used to take 24 hours are now performed in less than 4 hours with the migration to the cloud, enabling strategic analyzes several times a day.

“After feedback from other supermarkets that were already on the Cloud, we made the decision to migrate to the Cloud. In addition, with the expansion of new stores, the increase in new stores if we maintained a local server, a large investment in updating a new local server would be necessary. In a Cloud environment, however, we do not need to take care of this.”