Now our customers do everything with us, and our sales just got faster and easier.

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About the company

Praxio is the largest software company in Latin America focused exclusively on the road freight, passenger and TRR transport sector. With more than 30 years of experience in the market, the company already has a portfolio of more than 2,000 customers spread throughout the country. Praxio's expertise focuses on the development, implementation, training and consulting of the ERP Globus system.


Praxio is the developer of Globus, the most complete and modern management software suitable for passenger and cargo transport companies. The system has 45 modules, each one specific to a company's area of ​​activity. Globus meets operational, logistical, financial, fiscal, commercial and administrative needs. Praxio depended on a solution capable of integrating and facilitating access to all these functionalities. Solving this challenge represented an even more complex task for the transport sector, given the peculiarities of the market. In the first attempt to solve the challenge, Praxio bet on a cloud solution service, but the results were unsatisfactory. Implementation was time-consuming, taking up to four weeks. Processing slowdowns and server issues were also recurrent. Furthermore, the operating cost was high.


In mid-2015, Praxio partnered with Sky.One to put its management software in the clouds, Globus Cloud. The ease of implementation is one of the main differentials. Today, it is possible to leave the entire system working for the customer when contracting the service, without installation or technical support. Accessibility is also another highlight. Sky.One 's Cloud is more flexible compared to the previously used competitor's offer. “The power in data processing is unparalleled. We no longer have problems with the server”, says Valter Silva. Hacking and virus threats have also been eliminated.


Globus Cloud dispensed with the entire complex IT structure, including powerful access stations and software licensing. Removing all this weight from management saved resources and time to invest in other areas of the company. On average, Praxio customers are able to dispense with three IT servers and achieve infrastructure savings of R$500,000. The tendency is for these numbers to become even more expressive after the third year of using cloud technology, when it will be possible to dispense with up to 75% of IT expenses. All these benefits have helped to boost agreements and loyalty to Praxio. Customers no longer need to look elsewhere for hardware. “Now, customers do everything with us, and our sales are faster and easier”, guarantees Valter Silva. Around 40 companies already use the technology, facilitating the routine of more than a thousand users. Expectations for the future are encouraging. Praxio expects to include Globus Cloud in two out of three signed contracts.

“Now, customers do everything with us, and our sales just got faster and easier”