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We would never get the level of infrastructure and performance offered by Sky.One

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About the company

RP Info has been operating since 1991 providing information technology solutions for the supermarket sector. Among the products offered, stand out ERP for management of supermarkets and wholesalers, cashier systems and solutions for small, medium and large retailers. There are more than 1500 customers spread throughout Brazil and Bolivia.




RP Info was beginning to face a gap in its datacenter. Old machines already showed performance loss and could not manage the growing database.

A considerable investment was required to modernize the equipment. According to calculations by RP Info, the company would have to commit its budget to more than R$ 600,000 to acquire a new infrastructure with servers, internet, software, hardware, backup and technicians.

RP Info is located in Mariópolis, a city in the interior of Paraná. According to Thiago Brizola, IT manager, the region does not favor the acquisition of stable links. Server downtime was also frequent, resulting in loss of important information and manpower with maintenance.


In mid-2014, RP Info migrated its entire database to the clouds. The choice for Sky.One happened because, according to Brizola, the service is allocated on Amazon Web Services, the largest platform of virtual cloud servers in the world.

“Even investing heavily in our data center, we would never achieve the level of infrastructure and performance offered by Sky.One ”, says the executive.

More than 50 RP Info employees started using the new technology, implemented in less than 48 hours.

“It was all quick and easy, the support team was very helpful,” says Brizola.


BRL 600 thousand.

Implementation time

In just 48 hours.


RP Info achieved considerable savings in the short term by giving up the entire IT infrastructure. The company stopped spending on manual backup, servers and technicians for maintenance. There was also a gain in energy, since the old structure demanded many machines connected full time. The benefits were so great that RP Info is already starting to structure itself to offer one of its products in the cloud. The intention is to focus on small customers, often lacking a more elaborate network infrastructure and dependent on simpler alternatives.

“The cloud is safer and more practical, it is the trend for the future”,

predicts RP Info's IT manager.


Cut costs with manual backup.

Cut energy costs.