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Technology will overcome this cloud skepticism

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About the company

Plataforma Transportes is an urban transport consortium operating in Salvador and the metropolitan region. With family origins, the company is in its third generation, operating in the market for over 40 years.

The consortium was formed in early 2015, a union of the group's companies: Axé, Boa Viagem, Joevanza and Praia Grande. The Platform started in 2016 with a fleet of more than 150 buses and is one of the three companies with the right to explore the Collective Transport System of Salvador (STCO), in Bahia.


With the consolidation of the merger of the companies Axé, Boa Viagem, Joevanza and Praia Grande, resulting in the formation of Consorcio Plataforma, the company began a restructuring process to increase its service.

The consortium had just won an important tender, winning the right to operate in the suburban region of Salvador. According to Daniel Santana, IT director, the main needs for improvement were mobility and security.

Santana explains that the local servers were no longer able to support the growing database, which surpassed 25 gigabytes.

“It happened that the backup did not work. We were vulnerable to hacker invasions and could lose relevant financial information”, says the supervisor.


In September 2015, Plataforma Transportes partnered with Sky.One to place its entire bank on EC2 SQL Server instances in the clouds.

According to Daniel Santana, migration to the cloud was an old desire of the IT department, which took advantage of the arrival of a new board, “more up-to-date with news and technologies”.

Convincing administrators of the benefits of the cloud was not difficult, but the company was still looking for a reliable supplier.

“The technology, by itself, is not enough, we depend on security certifications, firewall requirements and simplified maintenance”, says Santana.

According to the supervisor, Sky.One not only met the requirements, it provided a quick implementation.

"Our own employees made the migration smoothly, in less than 30 days everything was working".


With its entire database hosted in the clouds, Plataforma Transportes relinquished its local servers.

Sky.One 's automatic backup service facilitated the restoration process, which was now done without worrying about losing information.

According to Daniel Santana, the new technology has changed the routine of IT department employees:

“It is very practical, we no longer need to waste time installing applications on the machines. Now, it only takes a minute to install a plugin and get certified.”

The cloud service, used by around 60 users in the company, has never experienced instability:

“When there is slowness, it is because of the bank's internal process. Sky.One has always met our needs”.

For the supervisor at Plataforma Transportes, migration to cloud servers is already a trend in the market.

“Many people are afraid of sending information to the internet and are living in the era of tape backup, but technology will overcome this skepticism”, says Santana.