The future of ERP software is the cloud

The business model based on the delivery of systems and applications through the digital environment is no longer new in Brazil. The SaaS market, on which software and solutions are offered as services in the cloud, is already part of the routine of all companies.

According to Gartner*, the number of organizations transitioning from on-premises applications to cloud applications will increase from 2020 to 2021 by 20%.

This means one thing: if you still offer your ERP as on-premises software, it is time to change and migrate to the SaaS model!

Is offering your ERP in the cloud, without having any headaches or needing to rewrite the software, the path you are looking for? Have you ever imagined migrating your desktop software to SaaS quickly and safely?

There is a solution specially made for you, and our role here is to present all the details.

* Gartner, The Future of ERP is Composable, Tim Faith, Denis Torii, Paul Schenck, 2020, October 13, 2020

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Sky.One’s role

Here at Sky.One we help desktop software manufacturers obtain the resources they need to support the digital transformation and add more value to their customers using the cloud.

Without touching any line of code, we homologated monolithic software in Auto.Sky and made it possible to enable a complete environment, with a database and configured users, in a few hours.

We offer more than a migration to the cloud, we have developed a platform to manage the environment of cloud customers.

Auto.Sky is the
right solution
for you!

Auto.Sky is the only platform that manages and orchestrates software environments directly on the cloud! Using the solution to transform your desktop software into SaaS, you will have several benefits such as:

  • Obtaining vision and control over your customers’ environment;
  • Increasing and decreasing users quickly;
  • Making the environment available to your customer in a few hours;
  • Having your software available in Multi Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle and Huawei Cloud);
  • Having the highest level of security.

How it works

The approval of a cloud ERP involves an analysis of the architecture and characteristics of the ERP itself. Once the analysis is performed, a price list is generated per user in the cloud, enabling the software manufacturer to sell it as a SaaS solution!

Why invest in the Digital Transformation of your software

In a world totally connected through the internet, cloud solutions and other innovative technologies, it is no longer possible to limit ERP storage.

We are all going through a Digital Transformation, and it is your role to deliver to your customers what they are really looking for.

With the migration to the cloud of your desktop software, you will gain the following competitive advantages:

  • Having a new market offer;
  • Scaling your sales with fast deployment;
  • Increasing customer loyalty

Why rely on Sky.One?

Do you still have doubts whether Auto.Sky is the ideal solution for what you need? Check out the testimonials of those who have already made their transformation to the SaaS model:

We could try to develop a solution at home, but we decided to close the partnership because Sky.One dominates what it does.

Eduardo Nasajon
Nasajon CEO

Customers can be carefree. The cloud is a remote structure, and Sky.One has simplified this structure, without losing the performance of our software.

Silvio Sousa
Consinco Commercial Director

To count on Sky.One is
to trust our successful trajectory
with the cloud!

  • Since 2016, we have migrated desktop applications to the cloud;
  • More than 300 homologated desktop systems;
  • More than 5,000 instances managed daily;
  • SkyOwners certified in several cloud providers.

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