Sky.One , a technology company that offers the software market several service platforms, has just announced its new Internship Program. The objective is to remotely recruit around 10 professionals who should start their activities in August.

A – Butantan and the Vaccine

Governor Doria announced yesterday (11) that the Butantan Institute entered into a partnership with the Chinese company Sinovac to carry out the third phase of testing a vaccine against the coronavirus. If this testing phase is successful, with nine thousand volunteers, it will be produced by Butantan and should be available by June 2021. There are more than 100 vaccines in the production process in the world and Sinovac's is considered one of the most advanced in its tests (Ansa).

B – Brazil/Europe flights

The Air France-KLM Group will continue to expand its presence in Brazil in June, July and August. This week, KLM is adding four more weekly flights from the Netherlands. There will be two additional flights to São Paulo and another two to Rio de Janeiro. Air France will have more operations in the same capitals departing from Paris (CDG) from July 6th, with another four frequencies, and in the same proportion, two to GRU Airport (GRU) and two to Rio Galeão (GIG). The companies combine, therefore, 18 flights per week, a leading operation between Brazil and Europe. This schedule continues until at least the end of August, and represents 41% of the Group's weekly flights to Brazil.

C – Art and English

While claiming not to have time to study English, thousands of Brazilians invest many hours of their day watching movies and series. Considering this apparent contradiction, and at the same time recognizing the power of entertainment over formality, FluenFlix emerges, a new method of teaching English based on a streaming platform, which offers movies and series in the form of lessons to accelerate fluency. Created through a partnership between the Brazilian Talis Zanzi and the American Kevin Porter, who learned to speak Portuguese watching soap operas and became one of the most successful teachers of English for Brazilians on Youtube, with 450 thousand subscribers, the FluenFlix platform works on the recurrence model. More information: ( ).

D - Elderly and Health Plans

As the analyzes show, the most vulnerable patients are those aged 60 or over, a group that corresponds to 14% of the total number of supplementary health beneficiaries, or just over 6.6 million, as shown in the “Overview of elderly beneficiaries of health plans”. of health in Brazil", produced by the Institute of Supplementary Health Studies. It is a tool to help the sector create specific programs to better assist these patients. It also shows the evolution of the number of people linked to medical-hospital plans, percentage distribution by age group, aging index, dependency ratio, adhesions, cancellations and migration. See the full text at: ( p=publicacoes&id_tipo=15 ).

E - Internship Program

Sky.One , a technology company that offers the software Sky.One has just announced its new Internship Program. The objective is to remotely recruit around 10 professionals who should start their activities in August. Due to the social isolation resulting from the pandemic, the entire selection process will be entirely remote, where presentation panels will be held bringing day-to-day situations to analyze the candidates' behavior. The group will be evaluated by a committee made up of the human resources area, directors and managers of the areas involved. More information: ( ).

F – Pharmacies on Digital

In line with the growth of e-commerce due to social isolation, demand for pharmacy items in digital retail has also increased. According to Farmácias APP, an online health and beauty sales app, in-app transactions have grown by 938% since the beginning of the pandemic in Brazil. The increase also appears in metrics such as revenue and number of users, which had a positive variation of 662% and 825%, respectively. The survey compares the periods from 1/1 to 3/17 with 3/18 to 5/26. The growth encompasses purchases on the site via computers, cell phones and tablets. More information on the website ( ).

G - Rookie Technology, a platform that connects communication and technology talent with companies looking for professionals for digital transformation, has opportunities for in-company jobs for Senior SEO Analysts and Full IT Project Managers, both freelancers, and for Inside Sales Representative and Customer Success During the isolation period, the work will be done in a home office and after the normalization of activities, the candidate will work at the company's headquarters in São Paulo, in the Avenida Paulista region. Interested parties should apply for the vacancy of interest through the website ( ).

H – Revive Program

Four Brazilian historic sites will receive the pilot project of the Revive Program. The initiative promotes the tourist use of properties with cultural value, through private investments, based on public concession contracts. It is the result of a partnership with the government of Portugal and aims to recover vacant properties or properties that are not being properly used in terms of economics or maintenance. The properties selected are: Fortaleza de Santa Catarina, in Cabedelo/PB; Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Fort, in Fernando de Noronha/PE; Forte Orange, on the island of Itamaracá/PE; and Pau D'Alho Farm, in São José do Barreiro/SP.

I - Franchising Law

The New Franchise Law came into effect on March 26th, with significant changes to the franchising system. Franchisers, franchisees, system professionals and students who have doubts and want to better understand the Law will now have the opportunity to do so with two renowned specialists: Melitha Novoa Prado and Thaís Kurita Monegaglia, partners at Novoa Prado Advogados are launching the e-book “New Franchising Law Commented”. Free of charge, the material fills an important gap in the understanding of the franchise system in relation to the sector's legislation. Download the material at: ( ).

J – Digitalks Expo 2020

In a week since the announcement of the online version of the Digitalks Expo 2020/Digital Experience, more than 5,000 people have already registered for the biggest business event in the digital economy and technology in the country, which will take place from August 26th to 28th . The organization of Digitalks decided to change the format of the event, which will have live and online stages, with public access in virtual mode. There will be three days of immersion in 12 content tracks: Keynotes, Executive, Business and Entrepreneurship, Technology, Digital Transformation, Management and People, Digital Marketing – Insights, Digital Marketing – How to, Blockmaster – Cryptocurrencies, Blockmaster – Blockchain, Innovation Experience and Digital Solutions. Registration and more information: ( ).

K - Automotive Sector

Santander customers have the option of exchanging their financed vehicle for another at a lower price, with more advantageous conditions and receiving the difference in value directly into their current account. The solution, named Troca+Troco, starts to be made available by Webmotors, the Bank's business and solutions platform for the automotive sector. In addition, those with overdue car or motorcycle installments will be able to refinance their contracts with a longer term and the same original interest rate, reducing the amount paid per month. The measures are part of a package of unprecedented automotive solutions that the Bank launches on the market to give families financial breath in times of a pandemic.


source: Jornal Empresas & Negocios Pag.3