With the support of Okser and Sky.One , the evolution to the cloud model was necessary for the company's finance sector to be able to carry out its work 100% remotely, thus guaranteeing the safety of all employees.

The pandemic caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus had several consequences and required immediate measures by companies, such as the adoption of the home office regime. With the safety of its employees in mind, Reclame Aqui has just migrated its entire financial system to the cloud, thus enabling 100% of its team to work remotely. In record time, the company achieved the feat of completing the migration in just 24 hours, using Okser's SAP Business One (SAP B1) cloud solution in partnership with Sky.One .

According to the CFO of Reclame Aqui, Luiz Chaves, despite the company having a technological cradle, departments such as finance, for example, had the physical structure to enable the approval of payments. “We had an SAP structure, but we had not yet evolved to the cloud. In 24 hours, we introduced the SAP B1 environment for the cloud together with Okser and Sky.One , and thus, the entire team started to work 100% from home office”, he says. Previously, with Reclame Aqui's ERP SAP B1 business management software , remote access was not allowed due to issues such as security and data sensitivity. The process involved moving the software 's database to cloud servers, which are managed by Sky.One .

According to Sky.One 's CEO, Ricardo Brandão, migrating to the cloud is far from being a long or complicated process, as many companies think. “Nowadays, in a few hours, you can have a dedicated or shared environment complete and available to load and use SAP Business One, anywhere and anytime, through our Auto.Sky platform. In times of a pandemic, migrating to the cloud has never been more important to keep the team safe and the economy spinning, ”he clarifies.

Record Migration Time to the Cloud 

Chaves says he was surprised by the speed at which the migration took place. “Due to the pandemic, we decided that 95% of employees should work from home. But we wanted the rest of the team, from the financial area, to also adopt remote work as soon as possible. We were amazed at the speed of the whole process. It was a need not only for the company, especially due to the imminent risk of contamination, but also to contribute to society”, he says.

The CEO of Okser, Marco Vonzodas, points out that technology companies currently need to find creative alternatives to keep the economy turning. “It is at times like this that many businesses reinvent themselves. It is important for companies to be creative and find different ways to provide their service or keep the flow of the product reaching the customers' hands. Reclame Aqui did exactly that. By migrating to the cloud, the company kept its economy running and also ensured the safety of its employees, who now work 100% from home”, he clarifies.

Vonzodas says that the most interesting thing about the whole process was to follow the speed and effectiveness of the migration in a single day. “Migrating to the cloud is something we already do. The differential was to verify that it is possible to make such a movement in a short period of time. At this moment, it is important to encourage the creation of short-term projects aimed at cash preservation”, he points out. Shortly after the migration, Sky.One and Okser provided training to align all job-related expectations within the context of the cloud.


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