With the support of Sky.One , the change provided a guarantee of high availability, increased performance, more security and scalability in the processes

With the aim of promoting a technological renewal in its IT Infrastructure and in line with its constant search for technological evolution, Usina Coruripe has just migrated its entire traditional Data Center to the Cloud. The project was led by Sky.One , a technology startup specializing in the development of platforms that facilitate the use of the cloud, and the change provided a guarantee of high availability, increased performance, security and scalability in the plant's processes.

Usina Coruripe's IT Manager, Helder Morais, emphasizes that the company constantly seeks to invest in new technologies with the objective of generating greater flexibility and agility to the business. According to Morais, the decision to migrate was necessary, since the previous traditional contract model did not offer characteristics that would allow for more flexible configurations, nor did it have the elasticity to grow and reduce the infrastructure according to the business needs. “The migration to Azure was a strategic decision and, in this same context, we found in Sky.One the level of maturity, expertise and experience required to entrust us with the entire design and support of our infrastructure”, he clarifies.

The CEO of Sky.One , Ricardo Brandão, says that the project allowed, in addition to the technological refresh, the increase in performance. “Our Guru.Sky service uses well-established methodologies that involve planning, action planning, migration and maintenance of the environment. Even with a complex environment like Usina Coruripe, the project was delivered in five months. Our support involves OS management, backup, monitoring, network, security, support, change management, DBA, SAP Basis and Citrix support. This set of services allows a proactive analysis of service indicators, best practices, effectiveness of use and even a review of the architecture and efficiency in cost management”, details the executive.

The choice of Azure as it was conducted within the guidelines of Multicloud services that Sky.One has as a principle, where it believes that companies should consume clouds according to the maturity of their applications, their characteristics, compliances and costs that best fit the your needs.

The Cloud Migration

Brandão points out that the beginning of the process took place through a complete assessment of the environments hosted in the Data Center, surveying the network topology, technical requirements for infrastructure and systems, and sizing of computational resources, so that the schedule and action plan could be prepared together with the plant. “At each stage of the migration, we had the participation of several specialists with different profiles (Sysadmin, DBA, Basis, Security, Network, DevOps) to guarantee compliance with the schedule. Therefore, the participation of the IT area, together with Key Users from Usina Coruripe, was essential for the success of the project”, he says.

The biggest challenge according to the IT Infrastructure Coordinator, Ledir Malaquias, was related to the short term for the migration, since the Plant's operations are practically uninterrupted, due to the harvest period. In addition, Malaquias points out that the migration of the corporate Oracle database was another critical issue, due to the number of systems that would be inoperative and that would have to be migrated simultaneously to the database. “All possible scenarios were explored and tested with the participation of both companies working in an integrated manner. Sky.One presented a different proposition compared to the traditional solution providers that we had previously consulted. The simplified and highly flexible trading methodology suited our needs. Furthermore, the technical quality of the team that worked on the pre-project brought confidence to the decision to hire”, he says.

cloud benefits

Malaquias explains that after the migration there were improvements in the performance of services due to the configuration of the hardware responsible for virtualizing the environment in the cloud. In addition, the flexibility in making capacity adjustments in configurations and scheduling availability are other outstanding benefits, favorable to the cost reduction foreseen in the project. Another immediate gain was the switch from AIX operating systems to a more agnostic platform, promoting more freedom for uncomplicated migrations.

For Malaquias, the project met expectations in terms of availability, performance and finances. “We had a great relationship experience during project planning and this same motivation and high sense of integration remained until the delivery of results. The planned schedule and costs were followed and fulfilled without deviations and delays”, he declares. After the migration, Sky.One continues to support Usina Coruripe through Guru.Sky services, thus ensuring operational management and advisory services through indicator metrics, as well as constant proposals for improvements, Resize recommendations and best practices in entire contract cycle.

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