By Roberto Arruda and Leonardo Costanza

With the end of 2021 approaching, experts and market leaders are starting their bets on the main technological trends that will be adopted by companies in the following year. It is not news that the pandemic has greatly accelerated the digitalization process of Brazilian companies. However, with the consequent change in consumer behavior, many innovations are yet to come in 2022. To get an idea, according to a recent survey by IDC, investment in Digital Transformation will continue to grow at an annual rate of 15. 5% by 2023. As a result, by 2022, 70% of companies will have accelerated the use of digital technologies. Given this promising scenario, what innovations can organizations expect for the next year?  

First, before any projection about the future, it is fundamental to analyze the past. In recent years, cloud computing has brought a series of new technologies that have driven disruption in various segments of the economy. For 2022, this migration speed should increase. Companies realized that migration to the cloud can be carried out quickly and simply, with the support of a specialized team. However, even in the cloud, data protection must be taken into account , since the first monitoring cycle of the LGPD (General Law for the Protection of Personal Data) will start in January 2022.

Mesh and data fabric cybersecurity

The concept of cybersecurity mesh will gain momentum next year, enhancing digital security through Artificial Intelligence. With the recent cyber-attacks on the cloud of organizations around the world, companies have realized that it is not just about restoring the database, but ensuring that there is no leakage of information.

In addition, the market will strongly address the concept of data fabric, which brings with it the ability to make data available anywhere. This will certainly reduce the cost when consuming large volumes of data.   

All these concepts bring up the discussion about data decentralization, security and also how to control this large volume of information and reduce costs at the same time. 

Hyperautomation and 5G 

We expect companies to invest even more in hyperautomation in 2022. By automating processes, it is possible to ensure better efficiency and more competitiveness, providing companies with the possibility of being super agile, connecting their systems more easily, thus collaborating for more assertive decisions on the operation. 

The arrival of 5G in Brazil will also be in evidence next year. According to Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), the fifth generation of mobile telephony should soon arrive in the country, initially operating in all capitals and the Federal District, by July 2022.  

In this way, 5G will bring interactions 20 times faster. In addition to positively impacting the operation of companies in the country, the new technology will be important for the environment, as it will provide battery savings through its performance, in addition to allowing Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be connect to the network without consuming too much power.

It is worth mentioning that throughout 2021, we observed the emergence of ESG committees, concerned with the future of the country. This theme will also remain on the agenda in 2022, since companies linked to sustainability issues will certainly face a great challenge and technology will be a great ally in this regard.


When we talk about technology and the future, we cannot fail to mention the “Metaverso”, idealized by Facebook, whose objective is to bring the persistent world, in which you do business and have a social life, to the virtual world. In other words, the experience brought by Metaverso should completely transform consumption and, therefore, companies will need to rethink their entire IT environment, since this will be consumed in another dimension. Several sectors will be impacted. In retail, for example, it is possible to imagine the consumer in the virtual environment trying on an outfit and testing how it would look on the body.  

It is evident that digital is the new battlefield for organizations that increasingly need to be present in this universe. It is necessary to look at the digital universe with the characteristic of Metaverso, thinking of a place where companies compete for the customer's attention. In this way, what sustains innovation is technology, efficiency and the way in which companies will generate competitive advantage in the market.  

Roberto Arruda is CRO and Leonardo Costanza is Director of Innovation and New Business at Sky.One , a company specialized in the development of platforms that automate and facilitate the use of cloud computing .