• This year's event will be 100% digital, broadcast to the United States and Latin America, and will feature two knowledge tracks: People & Culture and Technology & Security, focusing on innovation, disruptiveness, leadership and entrepreneurship. In addition to the keynote, other big names in the technology market will participate, to be announced soon.
  • The event's promotional lot begins to be released on the week of March 10, the date on which the event completes 1 year since the first edition.

São Paulo, March 2021 Sky.One – one of the top 10 companies according to the Top 25 Startups LinkedIn Brazil ranking and holder of the Great Place To Work seal, has just announced the second edition of Sky.One Connect . This time, the event will have a digital experience format, being 100% online, and is already scheduled for May 18, 2021. The edition will feature two knowledge trails: People & Culture and Technology & Security . Additionally, this year's keynote speaker will be Netflix Co-Founder Mitch Lowe. Other big names in the technology market will also participate, to be confirmed soon. The first edition of the event, in 2020, before the pandemic took hold in Brazil, was a great success and had 38 speakers, 66 sponsors and more than two thousand registrations. The event's public was marked by 40% C-level and Directors, 20% Marketing Specialists and Sales Executives, 15% Managers/Coordinators, 12% IT specialists and 12% others (financial, HR, purchasing, among others). According to the CEO of Sky.One , Ricardo Brandão, Sky.One Connect is ideal for professionals who develop, resell or operate in the software . “It is a great opportunity for professionals in the market, as there is a certain urgency in incorporating this technological revolution in companies, especially due to the pandemic”, emphasizes the executive.

This year, the main goal is to bring the technology community together digitally to share knowledge and insights to differentiate themselves in the market and innovate in business. For Brandão, constant innovation, transformation and agility are essential for the success of any company. “We live in a world that is increasingly connected and driven by technology. In this way, Sky.One Connect becomes extremely necessary for exchanging experiences and networking, since it is a meeting point for technology leaders and communities”, he says.  

Sky.One Connect 2021: More Technological and Connected

The first phase of the event will bring together renowned specialists to discuss current issues and main trends. See the full schedule below:  

Opening of the platform 9:30 am

Content Trails 10:30 am to 1:00 pm

Visitation to the Virtual Lounges and Networking 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Presentation by Keynote Speakers 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Closing and Happy Hour 7pm 

The first phase will also be broadcast in Latin America and the United States with simultaneous translation into English and Spanish. To secure your entry into the first phase of Sky.One Connect, just click here . In the first week of sales, from the 10th to the 17th of March, the ticket will be free, using the promotional code CONNECT2021EUVOU.


Service – Sky.One Connect 2021
Date: May 18, 2021
Time: 9:30 am
Website and Link for Registration: https://skyoneconnect.com.br/

About Sky.One

We are a technology company that offers the software market several platforms of services that transform its management systems, from the evolution to the cloud to the expansion of services, creating, more and more, innovative experiences that increase the value of your system and your customer's experience. Founded by Brazilian entrepreneurs in 2014, today, there are more than a thousand customers in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and the United States, including names such as Hirota Supermercados, Philips do Brasil, Fundação Abrinq, among others. In addition to accumulating awards and seals such as: Top Startups Linkedin, GPTW, leadership in three quadrants in the ISG Provider Lens™, innovation awards and Advanced AWS seal.


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