06/11/2020 – Sky.One announces its new Internship Program, in partnership with Faculdade Impacta. The objective is to remotely recruit around 10 professionals who should start their activities in August 2020.

According to Sky.One 's Human Resources Manager, Aila Rodrigues, the behavioral profile of each candidate will be taken into account when hiring. “Technically there is no way to evaluate them, since they are students in the beginning of their careers, so our gaze will be directed to the cultural fit, life stories, posture and values ​​that we do not give up. We have our values ​​rooted, which are a source of great pride for us.

The vacancy includes benefits such as meal vouchers, medical and dental insurance, transportation vouchers, various agreements with educational institutions, gympass , language assistance, among others. The project will work following the same processes that already exist in Sky.One and the groups will be divided between the technical areas (operations, pre-sales and development), so that they know how the company's structure works. The idea is for professionals to perform a job rotation every 3 months, gaining ownership of the processes and knowledge of the company as a whole, in order to define the areas of activity later.

Due to the social isolation resulting from the pandemic, the entire selection process will be entirely remote, where presentation panels will be held, bringing day-to-day situations to analyze the candidates' behavior. The group will be evaluated by a committee made up of the human resources area, directors and managers of the areas involved.

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