Rodrigo Tremante joins the company to consolidate it as a Techfin.

With an accelerated expansion plan, Sky.One has been growing by leaps and bounds.

In recent years alone, the startup received more than BRL 65 million in contributions, BRL 22.5 million from Invest Tech, in 2018, and the B round of investment from InovaBRA, of BRL 45 million, in 2020. To boost its development, Sky.One just announced the arrival of Rodrigo Tremante as the new Partner and CFO.

With 22 years of experience in the banking sector, 14 of which as CFO of Banks, having experienced some IPO processes, Tremante migrates to a technology company and comments:

Sky.One is a fantastic company, present in more than 10 countries, with significant growth in recent years and has conquered new customers every day. Let's consolidate Sky.One as one of the biggest Techfin in Brazil and why not in Latin America. We will combine the best of both worlds: “We will continue to be very strong in terms of revenue growth, but with a focus on efficiency, cash generation and profitability. Our balance sheet will reflect, still in this fiscal year 2022, many optimizations.

Experience to add value

Bachelor in Business Administration and Accounting, Tremante has an Executive MBA in Finance at Ibmec and extensions at Fundação Dom Cabral, IBGC and Insead in France. He has extensive experience on Boards of Directors and IPO experiences. In 2015, Tremante participated in the IPO of one of the largest Hypermarket chains in the country, Carrefour. Three years later, he was hired by Banco BV, one of Brazil's leading financial institutions, and prepared the company for its IPO.

an optimistic path

According to Tremante, as it is a company that has been in existence for almost 10 years and is consistent, Sky.One an optimistic vision in the short, medium and long term, even with the momentary downturn in the market.

It is clear that we are going through a delicate moment, with stock exchanges and central banks raising interest rates due to inflation. By contrast, on Sky.One , the estimates are great. There is a very large addition of value in cross sell operations, such as, for example, in cybersecurity and also Techfin, he explains.

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