The Sky.Simple Integra.Sky platforms will transform the universe of ERP systems and their users in this important market

Sky.One , a startup specializing in the development of platforms that automate and facilitate the use of cloud computing, launches two new products aimed at the small and medium-sized business market.

The two platforms ( Sky.Simple and Integra.Sky ), integrated, will enable the ERP solutions provider to retain its own customers, offering external solutions and financial services quickly and easily, in the cloud.

“We are transforming the experience that software development companies have today, helping them to offer increasingly complete solutions to their customers”, says Ricardo Brandão, CEO of Sky.One Solutions. The launch took place during the Sky.One Connect event.

“We were able to deliver two products to software development companies that will facilitate and simplify the daily lives of ERP managers and users in a quick, complete and user experience way”, celebrates Brandão.

“These are two products that were developed thinking about the future of legacy and web software , using modern architecture and ensuring simple and secure integration with any ERP”, completes the executive.

Sky.Simple and Integra.Sky provide, for example, basic modules for flows to take place without the need for codes. As they were developed to serve the SME market, they are able to deliver a product at an affordable price and with the same level of convenience and ease that integration platforms offer to large customers.

Sky.One Connect

For Ricardo Brandão, the event exceeded all expectations. The intention was to have up to a thousand people present. “In the end, we managed to reach 1,250 participants. We had 30 talks, seven parallel tracks, plus a closing panel,” he says.

For Caio Klein, Sky One's product director, the cloud area grows exponentially throughout the year. “It's not just solving a problem of having servers in the house, but it's really changing the whole way you develop software and how you use solutions,” he says.

Caio Klein, Sky One product director, during an event held in São Paulo

Caio Klein, Sky One product director, during an event held in São Paulo

“We are talking to our partners here and showing that the paradigm they are used to developing has changed. Today, they can practically effortlessly incorporate new technologies such as machine learning, analytics and IOT within platforms, simply moving to the cloud and using the resources that are there”, explains the director.

For him, all this, combined with the convenience of not having to deal with infrastructure and all the advantages that this new paradigm offers, has been a fantastic attraction for the massive change of the entire base of business management tools to the cloud, to the cloud .

“We are taking advantage of this exponential growth and growing together with all cloud partners. We see very strong growth in the coming years. We are aware of all the turmoil in the market, but we also know that in these uncertain times, you cannot fail to invest in technology. Because the ones that are going to survive are the ones that are really organizing right now. Technology and management tools are fundamental”, analyzes Caio.

For Sky-One's director, investing in the cloud is the most technologically and economically viable path. “Today, if someone has to make a decision about investing in technology, they will either think about buying imported hardware, paying in dollars, or they can invest in the cloud, where costs are diluted over time, in addition to having an entire update technological. In this case, the cloud has proven to be more interesting”, concludes Caio Klein.

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